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Modern Agriculture Magazine

Turning Egg Money into an Education - Modern Agriculture Magazine

By Robyn Roste Every day before and after school 15-year-old Jenisa Los waters, feeds, and collects eggs from her flock of chickens. "If I'm not there to do this it doesn't get...

Insight for Living Canada

In the Long Months of Drought

When facing tragedy or enduring long months of drought, it's easy to shut down and go through the motions until you don't feel so vulnerable. Instead, take a page from Jeremiah...

Robyn Roste

Five Tips for Optimizing your Social Media Profiles - Robyn Roste

When you're a hungry freelance writer or getting started in the industry it's difficult to know where to look for work. Things like job boards, Craigslist, and cold emailing...

Faith Strong Today

Do Christians Need a New & Improved God 2.0?

Second Kings 2 tells the story about these prophets, Elijah and Elisha, who are travelling from Gilgal to Bethel. That's over 100km in distance and they travelled on foot....


Celebrate Hop Harvest at BC Hop Fest

Although the recent boom of craft beer may make it seem like hops are a new crop to the Fraser Valley, it has been grown in our fertile soil for more than 100 years. Until the...

Insight for Living Canada

Selfish to be Selfless

As a teen and young adult I was all about summer camp. It's an experience unlike anything else-becoming wrapped up in a ministry you believe in is a great feeling. And being a...

Vancity Buzz

Golfer Nick Taylor names Abbotsford school food program recipient of $15K donation

Earlier this summer, employees at the Abbotsford Food Bank were surprised to learn their Starfish Pack Program was chosen by pro golfer Nick Taylor as his recipient organization...


Abbotsford Rice Paddies Thriving

Welcome to the Official Site of Tourism Abbotsford. We are here to provide you detailed trip planning information for Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada. Nestled in the shadow...

Vancity Buzz

Abbotsford's homeless need more water during summer heat

Abbotsford's House of James bookstore and coffee house has partnered with The 5 and 2 Ministries to help collect and distribute water to the city's low-income families in need....


DIY daily shower cleaner

We're all busy. Who has time to deep clean anymore? When daily shower cleaner hit the shelves I formed an instant bond, for scrubbing showers is my least favourite cleaning...