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Freelance Writer and International Traveler

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I write freelance on a normal for the San Diego County luxury lifestyle magazine FINE Home and Living.

Currently reaching out to editors and publishers with the completed first draft of a 117,011 word novel that falls under the genre of drama.

Personal Blog

Education: BA in PR & Marketing from Ashford University

Passions include writing, international travel and volunteering in philanthropy and with animals.

Being Big Abroad

Let's start with the biggest plus I've found in regard to being directly related to being bigger when traveling. I'm safer. Betcha never thought of that, huh? Sure there's going to be haters out there, and some may be so severe as to cause physical harm (I've heard stories), but I feel nowhere near as targeted as I did when my body was more of what is considered standard to be attractive.

Devour San Diego's Authentic International Cuisine

Photo by Charisma Cucina Italiana (page 1 of 2) Whether you're hitting the town with friends, on a date with your main squeeze or simply a full-blown foodie, finding authentic restaurants packed with flavorful international cuisine can sometimes be a challenge.

Fighting for your adventure | Free Robin Fly

When offered a position as Director of Sales & Marketing, I was quick to jump ship in the Bay Area and run home to San Diego. While I prefer to do business in San Francisco, there's a breaking point for how long I can handle being away from home.

Blood, sweat, years and tears. | Free Robin Fly

It kills me when people say I'm "lucky" to finally be living the dream of being a professional writer living abroad. I understand the good intentions, but come on. This shit took a lot of painful work and sacrifice. How could it not? I was 23 when starting on this path.

At least my hair looks good. | Free Robin Fly

Just as the bracelets continue to grow on my wrist from medical alerts, the Full Moon Party and temples, so do my exotic expat experiences. Week three and things are starting to get a bit more rough and real. But that's what I expected and was ready for...right?

I lost my girl a year ago today. | Free Robin Fly

I am dying. I will be reborn, but the sorrow and pain stops me from being able to feel it. Even though finally here in Thailand, I can't even find the strength to care. For now. I've always believed we can truly see ourselves in the hardest and darkest times, but I don't even know how to do that at present.

The Shanti Lodge in Phuket, Thailand | Free Robin Fly

Sixteen years after the initial try, it was finally my first day living abroad. As the sun rose and I walked into the tropical oasis of the Shanti Lodge in Phuket, Thailand, I already knew I had made the right decision.

White Themed Garden Party Ideas

White and Yellow Cupcakes A white garden party exudes: luxury, opulence, and whimsy - FINE readers are people who enjoy and appreciate being treated to these finer parts of life, especially when combined with socializing, the outdoors and our own wonderful treasures. These ideas will help you host an all white elegant garden party.

Guide to Dog Friendly San Diego Restaurants, Hotels & Parks

For those of us who love dogs and live in San Diego, there is nothing like having our fur babies by our side. They are our children, our support, our companions, our best friends and the ones who give us a level of unconditional love that just can't be found with two-legged folks.

San Diego Art Classes for Adults & Kids

As children, we all have a sense of magic and imagination that turns the world into a fairytale. That sense of colorful adventure is so abundant, it's natural to find outlets of creativity, whether that be shaky crayon marks on Mom's clean walls or papier-maché projects.

Mobile Matchmakers: Apps to Find Love in a Modern World

Millionaire Match Ah, February. The month that makes us look at love. Matchmaking, a time-tried practice that spans continents and centuries, has evolved into a proactive approach to meeting potential partners and working on one's self, but it often comes with a high cost.

Modern Family: Global Influences on Home Decor

Photo by Asetti For a long time, interior design has brought international flavor into our intimate lives. In the past, incorporating international designs into our daily lives was a trying task; we relied on limited knowledge imported from foreign designers and-if we were lucky-our own travels.

Unique Honeymoon Hotspots

Photo by Kaya Honeymoon Volunteers Typical honeymoons are wondrous in their own right, but in a time of celebrating change, many of us are searching for something a bit more unique than those traditional get-aways. This post-nuptial launch into newly-wedded bliss has transformed over the years; it's no longer meant to be a post-wedding right-of-passage and introduction into intimacy-that probably happened a long time ago.

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