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Well before earning his B.A. in English literature from the University of North Carolina, R.M. has been a student of story and language. The passion and journey towards refining these skills culminated with a Master of Fine Arts in Screenwriting from the illustrious American Film Institute.

R.M. is a master of creative content and development who can articulately convey your message with the desired style and voice to best speak to your intended audience.

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Copywriting Sample
Spearhead Vapors

Beyond THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which causes for the psychoactive effect, there is a long list of other beneficial cannabinoids. Second only to THC, CBD (Cannabidiol) is abundant in the cannabis plant. CBD is proving more and more to be a very effective tool to combat cancer, skin disease, and a long list of other medical ailments.

Screenplay Excerpt
Cook Up

First 12 pages of original screenplay

Contacted Assignment
Custom Audition Scene

A custom audition scene for a male part that requested conflict and subtext

Blog Post
Whole Foods "Artisans" are Actually Convicts

Artisan: noun - a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand. Convict: noun - a person found guilty of a criminal offense and serving a sentence of imprisonment. With privatized prisons, America is witnessing the industrialization of our criminal justice system.

Blog Post
Central Valley Prisoners at Risk for Deadly Disease

We have all most likely heard of Lyme disease and West Nile virus. In southern California, one or two cases of West Nile are known to garner coverage from every local news outlet. Yet, have you heard of Valley Fever? It is a fungal infection unique to California's central valley (and parts of the western US).

Blog Post
Secret $2 Billion L.A. Jail Vote Part of Larger Issue

This week, the L.A. County Board has unanimously voted to revisit a $2 billion construction decision after failing to notify the public of their initial vote. The unannounced (and legally dubious) vote was held on August 11, where the board approved a long-discussed plan to replace L.A.

Blog Post
Hershey's: Cute 'Kisses' or Child Labor?

A new lawsuit filed against the Hershey company alleges that the multi-billion dollar corporation knowingly uses child labor/slavery to harvest the cacao for their products. Filed in California, the suit states that by utilizing such practices, but not informing consumers, Hershey is making those who purchase their products complicit in this abhorrent practice.

Blog Post
Privatized Prison: Does Reform Hurt Bottom Line?

With President Obama's history-making prison visit to El Reno Federal Penitentiary this summer, reform has become a large part of the national discussion. Prisoners are being released in record numbers, and with an upcoming election year, politicians and pundits alike have made it a hot topic.

Blog Post
Understanding Collateral

Dealing with an arrest is expensive by any means. First there are the initial costs of bail or bail bonds, there can be lawyer costs, lost wages during the time in jail, and potential court costs, fees, and fines. Frequently, bail is set at several tens of thousands of dollars, sometimes over $100,000, and even into the millions.

Blog Post
Why Do You Need A Bail Bond Agency?

When there is an arrest, it is a stressful time. Life doesn't stop and responsibilities continue; kids need to get to school and work obligations don't go away. That is where a bail bonds agency can help. There is a long list of benefits, aside from simply saving money (though, that alone is a huge incentive).

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