Rebecca Kramer

Copywriter - Editor - Storyteller

I have always possessed an affinity
for entertaining, creating, and self expression.
I am determined to use the skills, training,
and education that I have received to turn
my dreams into reality.

My mission is to continue acquiring
knowledge in media production and
communication, such as methods that
will allow me to properly inform or persuade
through oral, written, and visual media.

I intend on applying my skills by working
with department heads or sales staff
to generate ideas for advertising

I am committed to creating pieces
that both enlighten and engage my
audience by keeping my work
interesting and relevant.

Contact: [email protected]

Short Story
Background Check

The man rocked back and forth as the record spun beautiful sixties rock throughout the motel room. “Can’t nobody love you, like I’m loving you baby”, he sang...

Short Story
Past Lover

It was a busy Friday night at one of the downtown bars and he just begun sipping his second cocktail, Captain Morgan mixed with Coke. The stagnant stench of cigarettes swept...

News Story
PSC Welcomes an Inspiration

Jones had first discovered the feminist icon and award-winning poet and novelist in 1992 at a writing workshop in Boulder, Colorado.“Here’s a person totally immersed and living in the art of writing.” he said...

Feature Story
Neil Hilborn Inspires PSC

American slam poet, Neil Hilborn, performed at Pensacola State College (PSC) April 5 at 7:30 in the Ashmore Auditorium...

Short Story

Cindy trotted past the skeletal trees, through the caramel gold and rustic colored leaves. Underneath the sky blanketed with grey clouds, she shrieked with laughter as she spun in circles in the autumn brush...