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I’m passionate about connecting with audiences on an authentic and personal level – visualizing, developing and communicating the big picture in a way that inspires and motivates people.



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Chi Blog
Simple Ways To Get Kids To Be More Active - Chi Blog

Rachael Jezierski, Ph.D. is an athlete, mom, and writer. As a health and fitness writer she seeks to "motivate people to lead healthier, more meaningful, active lives." Below, she talks about the importance of getting kids interested in physical activity early and gives tips on getting your kids going.

Wahoo Fitness Blog
Exercising in the Heat: Prepping Your Body for the Summer | Wahoo Fitness Blog

I distinctly remember the first summer I spent in Miami. It was hotter than Hades and suffocatingly humid. Not exactly ideal conditions for exercise. Coming from Oregon, I had little exposure to extreme temperatures, and my first attempts at running outside failed miserably. But not all was lost.

DR J 2211 - Rachael Jezierski, PhD
What Does It Mean to Be an Athlete?

Everyone has the ability to be an athlete - not everyone will become one. In this crazy age of winner-takes-all, valuing awards and trophies above personal achievement, I'm not surprised most people hesitate to identify themselves as an athlete - not from a lack of commitment and dedication, more so the result of our society's skewed sense of the meaning...

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