Edward Riegelmann

Multimedia Writer

I'm a writer and journalist from Colorado. An avid believer in the power of community, I hope to be instrumental in the genesis of a new wave of people-focused media in the Western United States. In a region with so many talented and hungry people, I seek to find and lift up natural gifts, entrepreneurial spirit, and inspiring ideas; all of which are abundant in this young, ambitious, and beautiful country. I'm open to new opportunities as a Features Writer, Copywriter, Editor, Brand Strategist, and Marketing Manager.

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Social Impact Magazine
Mission Catering

Spotlight on the for-profit Mission Catering, an amazing company that exclusively employs those who need a second chance.

Social Impact Magazine
Blue Star Recycling

A story about the amazing and revolutionary work being done by Blue Star Recyclers in Colorado.

Colorado Collective
Colorado Malting Company

The first and only craft maltster in the United States began at a barley farm in the San Luis Valley of Colorado.


The evolution of armor, one of the oldest technologies known to man—and why it makes Great Design.

Market Treasury Magazine
Christmas Unlimited

A holiday feature about a nonprofit that gives less fortunate children gifts every Christmas.


Lionhead Press
Personal Currency: The Future of Money

The introduction to my book on the past and future of capital, credit, and currency. Money, currency, capital, credit. It has many names but only one use: our tool for exchange. And as important as money is, it’s unfortunately not well understood by most people, to their peril. As representative of the actual value of things in the world, money has no value in itself—the value of money is “borrowed” from the potential things that can be purchased with it. And because there is so much...

Outskirts Press
"The Price of Honor"

An excerpt featuring a cold war-era car chase, guns, and secret agents. CIA operative James Cofield, in deep undercover assignment in the Soviet Admiralty at the end of the Cold War, asks himself this question regularly. In his efforts to infiltrate the highest commands of the Soviet regime, he becomes Adam Novakova, ordinary citizen, civil servant, comrade, and lover. KGB agent Natalya Sverlova knows nothing of Adam’s secrets, but she has many of her own. Under the thumb of...

Lionhead Press
Coffee House Job

Writing on cups. Pouring coffee. Steaming milk. Washing dishes. Mopping floors. Rinse. Repeat. Day after day, a part-time job. A means to an end; money in your pocket. Certainly not the "calling" of your life. You're waiting for the real thing to show up. The inspired profession. The beautiful relationship. The spiritual awakening. It will come one day. Just not today, because today I have to work. That's what I thought too. The story of one person, and a generation, in one easy-to-read booklet.


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