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I use my natural curiosity combined with 27+ years of military engineering and mechanical engineering work to analyze and review all manner of ourdoor gear and equipment. While I specialize in firearms and firearms accessories I have worked across all areas except alpine skiing. There are very few places or things I won't try in the pursuit of doing a thorough review.

My work can be seen at www.paragraph4.media, www.loadoutroom.com, & www.sofrep.com. All work posted there is also reposted to their respective Instagram and Facebook pages as well. In the past I have worked with both large and small companies in the firearms and outdoor equipment industry. I pride myself on delivering reviews that are honest, professional and timely.

Is the Pistol Brace Next on the Banned List?

"White House orders pistol braces to be banned " Imagine clicking on your favorite news site or gun blog and reading those very words. Don't think it can happen? remember that recently owners of slide fire or "bump stocks" found themselves in the very same situation.

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SNUFFED BY SESSIONS DOJ Officially Ends ‘Operation Choke Point’

The U.S. Department of Justice on August 19 formally announced the end of Operation Choke Point, a DOJ program that instructed the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to label some industries as “high risk,” particularly gun shops, firearm and firearm accessory manufacturers, to limit their access to loans and other banking services. Operation Choke Point was “one of the more subtle and potentially devastating programs put into place by former Attorney General Eric Holder” that...

The Loadout Room
Hypothermia, Photography and Iron Dog Snowmobile Race | The Loadout Room

by Rick Dembroski The title of this piece only touches on the overall story, a tale of the mixing of motorsports, photography, and Alaska that almost lead to devastating results for me on a cold February day. The event in question was the Iron Dog snowmobile race, a grueling 2031-mile journey from Big Lake, Alaska to Nome.

The Loadout Room
Valkyrie Dynamics: More Than Grips - The Loadout Room

The story of Valkyrie Dynamics starts like many other tales of American ingenuity and manufacturing, a motivated person starts with no skills and a lot of frustration teaches themselves a skill and develops a product to fill a need. In this case the company's founder Dustin Venegas was frustrated with his inability to find a ...

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The Best? TheTwist by Multitasker Tools of Georgia

by Rick Dembroski The Twist by Multitasker Tools of Marietta, Georgia is the coolest and most handy weapons specific multi tools I have had the chance to evaluate. In my years of writing for the firearms industry I've had more than my fair share of tools and gadgets come through my mailbox.

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Why I Abandoned the AR-15 Rifle | The Loadout Room

by The Arms Guide Guest Writer The AR-15 and its cousin, the select-fire-capable M4 carbine, have served the United States Armed Forces and many of its allies for nearly 50 years. Many of us know the history behind its selection and implementation, complete with all its growing pains.

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Disaster Preparedness: Beans Bullets and Band-Aids | The Loadout Room

by Rick Dembroski "Beans" Poorly handled logistics can doom any operation or project incredibly fast. So how do we avoid letting that happen to us in a "post-incident" scenario? The three B's: beans, bullets, and Band-Aids. These are the key components that make up the backbone of recovery.

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CTS AR500 Steel Targets: First Look & Trials - The Loadout Room

by Rick Dembroski What did CTS Targets send us ? Recently we gave brought you some news on CTS Targets choosing Oregon based Chevalier Advertising as their lead marketing agency. Well since running that article we have been fortunate enough to acquire a CTS AR500 3/8″ thick steel target, complete with the companies' four-legged base.

The Loadout Room
America Grip Dagger Tool: Exclusive Review | The Loadout Room

by Rick Dembroski Why would you need a Dagger Multi Tool ? The Loadout Room is excited to have an exclusive first look at the latest offering from the Texas based America Grip, The Dagger Multi tool. We have featured the Veteran owned company before when they released their initial offering into the firearms accessory market, the Tool Grip.

The Loadout Room
Southern Grind Bad Monkey Knife Review | The Loadout Room

I used this knife just like I did the CQC15 it was possibly replacing, I used it on job sites, to cut boxes, open packaging, and slicing up vegetables at dinner to be honest. I wanted to cut and slice as many things as I could with it to see how sharp it was and how it handled.

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