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If you haven't purchased a home in the last few years, you may be surprised to find that buying a house isn't as easy as it used to be. Gone are the days of cautiously comparing your top 5 choices and engaging in a prolonged volley of offers and counter-offers.

Eleos Co-Op in Nicholtown, Greenville | GVLtoday

by: Rich Hefty, a fan of good coffee, great conversation, useless knowledge, and clever turns of phrase. This is a contributor-submitted Voices piece. Want to join the conversation? We invite you to write for us. Learn how to share your voice here. With the remarkable economic growth happening in and around Greenville, a diverse workforce is taking shape.

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Six Steps to Ensure More Secure Video Conferencing

When it comes to the topic of cybersecurity, much has been written about the need for consumers to protect themselves and their personal information. In a world where digital commerce has become the norm rather than the exception, most people understand the need for basic precautions such as keeping passwords private, shopping only on secure websites, and shielding the keypad when entering their PIN on a credit card terminal.

SC Telco Federal Credit Union
9 Mistakes Parents Make When Teaching Kids About Money

Teaching children how to manage their money can feel like a perpetual balancing act. One day you're working to instill good financial behaviors, and the next day you're trying to help them break bad habits. In many families, the subject of money management comes up innocently enough, often as the result of money a child receives as a birthday or Christmas gift.

When "Someone Else" Becomes "Someone You Love"

Like many of you reading this, I stumbled across TWLOHA several years ago, at first due to the coolness of their T-shirts and close association with some of my favorite bands. A quick search on the web led me to its origin story, and Jamie's contagious love for a friend resonated with me in a way that was sadly unfamiliar.

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When it comes to the topic of Valentine's Day, public opinion seems to be split. Some people love everything about it. Hearts, roses, candy, flowers, Cupid-you name it, they're here for it! On the other end of the spectrum, you'll find Valentine Scrooges who consider February 14th a day like any other.

Brace Yourself: Santa Shock is Coming - Caro Federal Credit Union

Let's talk about Santa Shock, shall we? No, not the "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus" kind. For this conversation, we will use "Santa Shock" to refer to that icy sense of regret that creeps in when you open those first post-Christmas credit card bills.

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Savings - Everglades Federal Credit Union

We won't try to convince you that saving money is a good idea. You already know that. What we will do is provide a wide array of tools that make saving money easier and more rewarding. From savings accounts for children to Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA), our savings options are designed to help you maximize your money during every stage of life.

9 Things to Remember When Using Your First Credit Card

Getting your first credit card is a significant financial milestone. After sorting through an endless array of program options and promotional offers, you made your choice, filled out the application, and saw those two magic words: You're approved!

5 Steps to Avoid Phishing Scams | St. Lawrence FCU

You've seen the emails. At first glance, they appear to be from trusted sources like your credit union, your credit card company, or your mortgage lender. The logos look right. The links seem correct. However, as you read the message, you see requests to verify personal data or financial information.

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Which Whiteboard App is Best: Google vs. Microsoft vs. AWW

Whiteboards have been integral parts of boardrooms and classrooms for decades, but digital whiteboards are changing the game. Just as it has done in virtually every other part of society, modern technology has transformed the way business leaders and educators interact with whiteboards in professional settings.

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