Rhys David

Writer and Editor

Freelance writer and editor. Honorary Fellow, Institute of Welsh Affairs, Cardiff. Associate director of policy forum, Institute of Welsh Affairs, 2001-2007, Author of numerous articles and reports on regional economic issues, with particular reference to Wales. Formerly staff journalist with Financial Times covering at various times fibres, textiles, clothing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and aluminium industries. Northern Ireland correspondent 1973-4, and North of England correspondent 1977-1981. Also editor of FT surveys section 1991-2001. Other posts have included publisher and managing director Business Magazine, a joint subsidiary of Financial Times and Conde Nast. 1988-1991; and chief leader writer, industrial editor and Welsh Affairs editor, Western Mail, Cardiff. Author, Tell Mum Not to Worry: A Welsh Soldier's World War One in the Near East. (Deffro, 2014)


Vague aspirations will not work
Rhys David finds the work of the sector panels set up by the Welsh Government to advise on new economic directions disappointing. We would not say it ourselves and we would not...
Roaring Dragons: Entrepreneurial Tales from Wales
While Government reports and academic research still point to some reluctance on the part of Welsh people to start their own enterprises, the voice of those who are running...
Merthyr's Progress
Rhys David measures the gap between vision and reality in the contemporary development of the first town of the industrial revolution Is Merthyr Tydfil getting there? For those...
Economy: Business Backbone
Rhys David argues we should focus on promoting medium-sized companies to build our economic base
A monument to the industrial era
Rhys David says a national memorial to those killed in industrial accidents could help draw a line under an iconic era in Welsh history
Leipzig to Abercynon
Keith James and Rhys David look back at the life of Henry Kroch, the IWA’s founding chairman and a giant of the post-war industrial scene in Wales
Skills the only answer
Rhys David discovers that where Wales stands in economic terms is much more complicated than would first appear
High Speed Rail can Damage the Welsh Economy
Wales can do better in 2012
Rhys David looks back on how the country met the challenges he set for it in 2011 0
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Riot Reflections for Wales
Welsh airing for the Euro crisis
Hacked off by the press
Wales must stay internet conected
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Steel in Port Talbot
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Food Future for Wales
No longer a desert
Small signs we should be reading
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US caught in a time warp
Mixed messages from Welsh stocks
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Cardiff business district
Gains and losses balance out
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Sell in May
Not just the WDA

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