Rhys David

Writer and Editor

Freelance writer and editor. Honorary Fellow, Institute of Welsh Affairs, Cardiff. Associate director of policy forum, Institute of Welsh Affairs, 2001-2007, Author of numerous articles and reports on regional economic issues, with particular reference to Wales. Formerly staff journalist with Financial Times covering at various times fibres, textiles, clothing, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and aluminium industries. Northern Ireland correspondent 1973-4, and North of England correspondent 1977-1981. Also editor of FT surveys section 1991-2001. Other posts have included publisher and managing director Business Magazine, a joint subsidiary of Financial Times and Conde Nast. 1988-1991; and chief leader writer, industrial editor and Welsh Affairs editor, Western Mail, Cardiff. Author, Tell Mum Not to Worry: A Welsh Soldier's World War One in the Near East. (Deffro, 2014)



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Subtle stirrings in La France Profonde

A regular visitor to France, Rhys David finds much to admire and possibly lessons to learn in the efforts rural areas are making to revive Peter Mayle should probably take some...


Chronic yes but hopefully not incurable

As Teresa May delivers her industrial strategy for post Brexit, Britain Rhys David looks at some of the issues arising


Wales's Business Backbone

Medium-sized businesses need nurturing not just the small company

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Lacerated Ulster

As another crisis threatens to destroy hard-won progress, Rhys David looks back to the resignation of Chief Minister Brian Faulkner in May 1974. Here we go again, or so it would...


Seminal Event or Secular Disaster

Brexit could be a turning-point in more ways than one but much will depend on implementation and what follows, Rhys David suggests. Peak oil, when the maximum rate of...

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A walk on the wild side

Rhys David finds solitude and interesting signs of a new vitality on a trek through the middle of Wales "Of all the beautiful sights in the world, I am not sure if there is...

The Welsh Agenda

Edwina Hart: An Uncertain Legacy

It could be several years before the lasting impact of this long-serving Welsh Cabinet Minister becomes clear

The Gallipolian

An Unusual Swimming Race

The first anniversary of the landings by troops of the 53rd (Welsh) Division at Suvla Bay on Gallipoli in August 1915 was commemorated a year later with a race organised by...


A Solution for Greece... and Wales?

Rhys David assesses the Greece deal, and ponders whether Wales can draw anything from it. It is good that conifers grow so quickly in the damp climate of Finland, given whole...

The Welsh Agenda

Local Lads, Distant Vistas

Toby Thacker on a new book by Rhys David recounting the experiences of Welsh soldiers in the Near East in World War One.

Western Mail

Wales and the Gallipoli Evacuation: 100 Years Later

One hundred years ago this month Welsh troops were being evacuated from Gallipoli after the failure of the ill-fated campaign to open up the a passage to Russia through the...


Wales's Forgotten World War One Heroes

Rhys David tells of the Welsh Division who played a role in world war one in the Near East. The World War One exploits of the 38 th (Welsh) Division in France - and especially...

Wales Conference Brest January 2007

Wales Branding: Connecting with the Consumer

Brains, one of relatively few successful Welsh consumer brands with a footprint across Wales and beyond.

Oxford Today

Cigarettes, bully beef and camel meat: How First World War soldiers survived in the Near East

Above: Passengers on this liner threw supplies overboard for troops to swim out to collect in the Suez Canal By Rhys David (Worcester, 1962) Nowadays we are barely aware that we...

Centre for Social Policy

Why has Devolution Caught Fire in Scotland but only smouldered in Wales?

The Senedd in Cardiff Bay where the 60 members of the Welsh Assembly meet.

Western Mail

Welsh soldiers' escape from the beaches of Gallipoli

Suvla Bay where Welsh soldiers landed in August 1915. Four months later Entente forces were obliged to retreat in the face of appalling winter weather and stern Ottoman resistance.

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Debt and the Banks

Rhys David says over-indebtedness is more about the way finance is provided than about the behaviour of borrowers


The Welsh Cog in World Aeroengines

Mention Nantgarw to Weng Jiabao, the Chinese premier, and his eyes will light up. The second most powerful man in the world’s most populous nation is one of a stream of...


From Aberdare to Cern

The Swansea-educated director of the Large Hadron Collider project in Geneva has become one of the most identifiable Welsh scientists of his day, writes Rhys David Wales has...

Agenda, the Journal of the IWA

Schooling outside the Mainstream

Rhys David reports on an alternative to the classroom for excluded children that is proving a success in Caerphilly.