Renata Balasco

Effective, Engaging Content Marketing

United States

As a Communications and French major, I have a great passion for meeting people from around the globe and communicating with them in the most effective ways possible. My experiences studying abroad in France and joining the Global Leadership Academy with API cemented my interest in the travel and tourism industry and honed my communication and presentation skills.

My time at Lifespan Corporate Services allowed me to perfect my technical writing skills, as I turned complicated and industry-specific information into user-friendly and informative content. My eagerness to learn was reflected in the various responsibilities I took on throughout the marketing department: Between content writing, web production, project and client management and video production, I was grateful to gather new skills and experiences from my colleagues and mentors, and offer my services to assist in projects that needed attention. I thrive in a collaborative environment and am always looking for opportunities for professional development.

LifeNotes | Spring 2019

Recent changes in emergency medical services (EMS) point-of-entry stroke protocols and new investments in neurosciences at Rhode Island Hospital have ensured that the best care for stroke patients can be accessed right here in Rhode Island.

Youtube, video presentation
Lifespan Annual Meeting Video 2019

Lifespan shares stories about our commitment to the community, the world-class care we provide to patients and how the care our clinicians provide can develop into lifelong friendships. I wrote the script, edited the video content, and provided the voiceover for this video.

It's a Spring Thing! Healthy Tips for the New Season

To say New Englanders are ready for spring is an understatement. After the last few weeks of snowstorms and lawns covered in snow that refuses to melt, the first day of spring is a welcome occasion. Many may find this season to be a motivator for change, as the sunshine and warmer weather tends to reenergize us and inspire action.

Forget FOMO, get JOMO!

We've all experienced it from time to time, the internet's favorite acronym: FOMO, the Fear of Missing Out. We see our friends or family out doing something fun and posting pictures while we cannot be there. FOMO sets in, and we wonder how much fun they're having, who is there, what they're talking about, and so on.

How to Beat the Spring Blues

When we think of seasonal depression, we usually associate the lower emotional states with the cold, gray weather. However, studies show that anxiety and depression are at high points in April, according to Psychology Today. This is a surprising statistic, considering the winter is typically associated with depression.

Using your phone in a healthy way: Apps to help your health

We often hear about how addicted we are to our devices, and how the constant exposure to screens is unhealthy. While this could prove to be true, cell phones that are already constantly within arm's reach could prove to be beneficial in other ways.

Spring into Self-Care

Spring has sprung, which means shedding your winter layers, and hopefully, enjoying warmer temperatures. It is also an opportunity to pay more attention to your own well-being. With these top tips for self-care, you will feel energized, rejuvenated, and ready to start summer anew.

Juuling: What It Is and What You Should Know

With vape culture on the rise, it seems like electronic cigarettes are becoming one of the more popular methods for smokers to begin the process of quitting. While these devices are typically marketed as tobacco alternatives for long-time smokers, the JUUL has become somewhat of a sensation with a younger, nonsmoking population.