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I'm Therese Fesalbon, an English Education Major in Literature undergraduate. My expertise in writing was honed through campus journalism, freelance writing and creative writing. I work through a variety of writing jobs but my specializations include Content Writing and Creative Writing.

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8 Exercises To Stay in Shape While in Bed During the Quarantine

44 Views Whether you are learning new activities or spending your days idle, however you choose to spend them during the enhanced community quarantine is totally okay. But during this health crisis, maintenance of good health is essential. Thus, one should still find time to engage in regular exercises.

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Hills Like White Elephant by Ernest Hemmingway (1920s) is the feeling of lost of control over things. Just like how even though you wanted the flowers to remain, autumn will lead them to fall. Its the battle within oneself. It's the feeling of wanting to be better but not being able to do anything about it.
How Body-Shaming Led Me to Self-Love

I am that girl who has the word "fat" always attached to my name. I've had enough of comments like "you could have been pretty if you weren't fat." My friends used to tease my body size, not knowing how humiliated and little I feel every time they do.

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