Rebekah Brown

My name is Rebekah Brown. I graduated in 2011 from Ashland University with a degree in political science and history. Since then, I have been working in full-time ministry as I write. I specialize in research and analytic writing.

Nonprofit Organization Membership Letter

This letter was specifically targeted to parents of participants. The goal was to achieve increased awareness of our organization's benefits and increased parent participation.

Res Publica
The First Lady

This creative essay received the Taylor Award for Excellence from the Ashbrook Center for Public Affairs in Ashland, Ohio, and was subsequently published in the undergraduate journal "Res Publica."

Syrian Civil War

This journalistic piece used SEO keywords to drive traffic to I focused upon breaking news of a recent bombing in Lebanon to provide real-time updates to a wide audience.

The Foundry Blog
Washington's Role in Education Made Simple

I worked with the digital media team at The Heritage Foundation to produce this blog about the Federal role in education. It was reposted by the Huffington Post.

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