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Rebecca Smith

Writer, Editor, Content Strategist

I help make the unclear clear. 10+ years of hand-crafting UX flows, books, emails, SaaS products, and user-centric web copy. If words are involved, I'm up for the challenge. If it takes design thinking, I'll bring cookies.

Tax Reform: Before & After

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act precipitated the most sweeping change to the tax code in three decades. This infographic breaks it down.

Infographics & Ebooks

Budgeting After a Divorce

Divorce is the second most stressful time in a person's life, after the death of a spouse. Here are some tips to help women get through it.

Great American Getaways

This travel guide takes a look at some beloved destinations across the United States, from artsy Beacon to the epic Black Hills.

Retire Happy Ebook

What is the purpose of retirement? Is it just a time to stop working, or could it be a gate-way to a new season of contribution and purpose?

Data Thieves of Outer Space

Do you know how to avoid being taken in by internet fraudsters? Janet does, and soon, so will you. Click on through to learn from Janet's tale.

Emails & Reports

Suite New Content Email

Product update emails are a key component of SaaS customer experience. This email keeps users updated on the latest content releases.

Equifax Breach Letter

In an event that touched 143 million Americans, financial advisors needed to communicate with their clients about next steps.

Monthly Market Commentary

This report features an overview of last month’s market performance and a glance at the month ahead. I provide creative & editorial direction.

Website Copy

Wordsmith & Co.

This consulting company helps startups, solopreneurs, and seekers tell their truth. I designed/wrote the site (and ran the biz).

Student Loan Hero Case Study

Americans hold over $1.5 trillion in student loan debt. Worse, the repayment process is confusing and hard to navigate. Enter Student Loan Hero.

WeConsult Website

WeConsult is a San Diego consulting firm founded by Melanie Chandruang. I loved working with Melanie to distill and refine her brand story.

World Class Service

"You're going to love all the ways we take care of you." Home pages are a prime spot to demonstrate brand voice, as seen in this excerpt.

Product Demo Page

FMG Suite's sales team uses this page during product demos. I wrote the copy to serve as a one-stop source of the main features of our product.

UX Portfolio

Here's where you can find an early prototype of my UX writing portfolio. Definitely a WIP, much more to come.

Video Scripts

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