Rebecca Wolfe


Location icon Sacramento, CA

Rebecca Wolfe captures and narrates the stories of her world. Personal essays, fiction, travel articles, and lengthy research papers represent her versatile command of the written word. A recent sociology graduate, she is acutely aware of the social systems, cultural realities, and demographic differences that shape and make individuals and their stories across the globe. She is passionate about social justice, working to foster understanding and change, creating conversations and building bridges between people of different social groups. Whatever your writing needs, Rebecca is the one for the job.

Knucklepuck Media
Methamphetamine Report

A report on methamphetamine researched and written for an addiction recovery center.

Mustard Magazine

Build a Good Table

Tyler Madsen is a musician, worship leader, and Azusa Pacific University graduate who has wrestled a lot over the years with the concept of "Christian art." He is the frontman of Branches , a...

Dr. Aisha Lowe on Acceptance and Belonging

Dr. Aisha Lowe is an associate professor and coordinator of research in William Jessup University's School of Education, as well as director of their Office of Academic Research. With a Ph. D. in...

Romeo, Juliet, and Reconciliation

‚ÄčEver since Shakespeare's chorus introduced the main characters of what is arguably his most famous play, and simultaneously spoiled the ending with the line "A pair of star-cross'd lovers take...

Zidisha Inc.

Zidisha: P2P Microfinance
Seeing the Light

Profile of Zidisha, Inc. borrower Francis Mbewe

Zidisha: P2P Microfinance
Hope in the Hills

Profile of Zidisha Inc. borrower Daniel Maluli

Academic Research

Submitted to the University of Oxford
Race and Immigration in Britain in the 1960s

In-depth research paper on race, immigration, and British national identity in the 1960s. Submitted to the University of Oxford.

Submitted to the University of Oxford
Cinema Attendance of Young Women in WWII Britain

The cumulative project of Oxford's semester long seminar course, this essay explores the reasons behind the demographic dominance of young women in wartime cinema audiences.

Creative Non-Fiction and Personal Essay


A collection of fourteen personal essays reflecting back on the experience of studying abroad at the University of Oxford.

Coming Up Roses

Personal blog.



A mock ad-campaign for a fictional travel company created as part of an application to Teak.

Poetry and Fiction

Submitted to Rookie Magazine
April Fools

A (very) short story narrated in the first person.

Submitted to Hit Record Joe
12 AM

Poem submitted to the National Parks' Find Your Park Campaign through Hit Record Joe.