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Life on the Street

Life on the Streets


Das Flüchtlingsparadox - Je besser die Situation in den Lagern ist, desto mehr Flüchtlinge kommen.

Der Krieg in Syrien hat mehr als fünf Millionen Menschen zur Flucht gezwungen. Die allermeisten von ihnen sind nicht nach Europa gekommen, sondern leben in den Nachbarländern...

Media Power Monitor

Plans to Launch "Public Service" TV Channel in Jordan Raise Eyebrows

Jordan's state television JRTV has seen its audience levels plummeting in the past decade. Its reform has never succeeded. Now, the government pledges to launch a new TV channel...


How to edit your story for accuracy

As a reporter, you must gather information and interview sources quickly, then explain what you've learned concisely and clearly. Once that's done, it's tempting to ship the...

Journal of Information Policy, Vol 3

Rana F. Sweis, Benjamin Lennett, Tom Glaisyer

The true role of new communications technologies in the dramatic events of the “Arab Spring” in 2011 is still under discussion, but wireless communications were certainly used...


Digital media empower Middle Eastern youth

Revolutions in the Middle East have been powered by young people using new technology. Young people, who make up 30 percent of the region's population, have played a dominant...