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Voices of Jordan Book Project


Voices of Jordan

A prezi explaining the idea behind my book project: Voices of Jordan.

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Home and Husband Lost, a Mother of 8 Fears Her Sight Is Next

The Neediest Cases Fund MAFRAQ, Jordan - Zina Satouf remembers seeing shadows in the street and nearly falling flat on her face. When she visited an ophthalmologist two years...


Jordan Reclaims Lands Used by Israel Under Peace Treaty

JERUSALEM - Under internal political pressure, King Abdullah II of Jordan announced on Sunday that he was cutting off Israelis' free access to two tracts of land along the...


Syria Reopens Border Link to Jordan, as Assad Reasserts Control

AMMAN, Jordan - The Syrian government celebrated the reopening on Monday of a vital border crossing with Jordan as a new sign of President Bashar al-Assad's reestablished...


Jordan Withdraws Tax Bill That Fueled Nationwide Protests

The decision to withdraw the bill, which proposed increasing the tax rate on workers by at least five percentage points and on businesses by 20 to 40 percentage points, was...


Jordan's Prime Minister Quits as Protesters Demand an End to Austerity

AMMAN, Jordan - Escalating economic pressures on Jordan threatened to turn into a political crisis on Monday, as the prime minister resigned amid nationwide protests against...


Pence and Jordan's King 'Agree to Disagree' on Jerusalem

Mr. Pence had delayed his trip to the region amid the furor over Mr. Trump's decisions, which were seen here as pro-Israel and a slap in the face to Palestinians. Mahmoud Abbas,...


U.S. Funding Cut Reignites Debate on Palestinian Refugee Agency

"We're reaching out to official donors, obviously, but also to the Arab world, to untraditional donors in emerging markets and to individuals, in the hope that we can rapidly...


Rula Quawas, Champion of Women's Advancement in Jordan, Dies at 57

"An educational system should give empowerment, skills to think critically, creatively, intelligently, the ability to contest, to challenge and to say, 'I think not,' "...


Mosque Crisis and Jordan Attack Raise Fears of Escalating Violence in Israel

The system of tight security cooperation is unpopular with many Palestinians. But it has helped anchor the authority's control in parts of the Israeli-occupied West Bank, and...


Jordanian Sentenced to Life in Prison for Killing 3 U.S. Soldiers

They were part of a four-vehicle convoy returning to the King Faisal air base outside the southern town of Al Jafr, after conducting weapons training at a nearby range,...


Lula and Simba, Last Surviving Animals at Mosul Zoo, Have Been Rescued

AMMAN, JORDAN - The last surviving animals in the Montazah Al-Morour Zoo in the war-ravaged Iraqi city of Mosul - Lula, a bear, and Simba, a lion - reached safety at a wildlife...


An Uncertain Wait Ends for U.S.-Bound Refugees Stuck in Jordan

"Let's see, hopefully. Let's see, God willing," he said, looking pained and at least a decade older than his real age. "I hope so. Let's see." He was nervously smoking a...


'Dreams Die' for Refugees on Verge of Coming to U.S. as Trump Closes Door

They were among an estimated 110,000 people in line to be processed for resettlement in the United States during this fiscal year. In fact, they thought they had already made it...


An Iraqi Family Split by the Vicissitudes of Asylum

"It was like in the movies," Ms. Obaidi said in an interview this month. Fearing more attacks, the family left Iraq for Jordan. It joined many other Iraqi refugees, including...


After Escape From Syria, Another Dangerous Foe: Diabetes

"I'm sorry," said Ms. Najjar, 26, wiping her eyes. Hisham, who is shy and has large dark brown eyes, left the room to play with balloons. "It's just that I almost lost him, not...


Victims in Istanbul New Year's Attack Came From Across the World

At least two dozen of the people killed were said to be foreigners. Most of the victims were from countries with Muslim-majority populations. According to news reports and...


ISIS Is Said to Claim Responsibility for Deadly Attack in Jordan

AMMAN, Jordan - The Islamic State claimed responsibility on Tuesday for a terrorist attack in the southern Jordanian city of Karak that killed 10 people, including the head of...