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I help people tell their stories. This helps in brand building and forging powerful relationships. It's not easy to write about yourself and what you or your company has done. I will present you, your products or services in a way that will impress prospective clients, inspire confidence in your existing customers and establish you as an authority in your domain.

I am an experienced content writer who provides original, error free, engaging and accurate content. My skills include - content writing, article writing ,rewriting, editing, writing product descriptions as well writing content for marketing and promotional materials such as brochures, presentations, case studies and other publicity material.

Applexus Technologies
EXIM Solution - INDIA

Trading and transacting in the international marketplace need an array of legal and non-legal documents. Complying with rules and regulations of international trade is of utmost importance to companies engaged in International Trade. The Export Import Management (EXIM) software solution offered by SAP is aimed at simplifying the International Trade processes for organizations in India.

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Why fashion businesses should migrate from AFS to FMS

Rapidly changing trends, increasingly demanding customers and the need for constant product innovations are some of the challenges faced by fashion businesses. The fashion industry is always in a state of flux and enterprises need flexible yet stable solutions to help them stay ahead of the competition.

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How SAP Leonardo IoT Helps Businesses Better Their Outcomes

Digital transformation is here to stay. A key enabler of this transformation is the IoT or Internet of Things. The IoT or the concept of embedding sensors in connected machines and enabling them to transmit data is not a new idea by any means. So what changed in the past decade or so?

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Five Pain Points Online Groceries Need To Focus On

Purchasing power is steadily skewing towards Millennials and Gen Xers and so are customer experiences. These social media influenced, smartphone toting generations have distinct shopping behaviors that are a clear departure from those of the previous generations. They've grown up in a digital world and they have made their preference for online shopping pretty clear.

Applexus Technologies
How the IoT improves retail inventory management

Efficient inventory management is the key to retail success. Efficiency means having just the right amount of inventory - not too much and not too little. Inventory adequacy is of utmost importance in the era of Omnichannel, which is indisputably the future of retail.

Travancore Analytics
How Technology Is Changing the Way We Watch Sports

Are you a major sports fan who doesn't want to miss any of his favorite sporting events? But does your hectic schedule force you to skip some games, albeit grudgingly? Even the most hardcore sports aficionado may find it more or less impossible to track all his favorite sporting events all of the time.

Travancore Analytics
How ready are developers for the IoT?

The Internet of Things is growing exponentially and most analysts agree that it will be huge, really huge. This presents enterprising IT professionals with a variety of challenging and lucrative opportunities. It also raises some pretty huge questions - How ready are developers for the IoT? Devices are getting IoT-ready, are developers?

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5 Reasons why you need an app for your 360-degree videos

You are a Virtual Reality content owner/producer and you have all these awesome, immersive, 360-degree videos. Now, how do you get these videos to reach your target audience? The obvious answer would be YouTube or Facebook. But, is that enough? The answer is no. An app will serve your purpose much better.

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Will biometric apps kill passwords? - Travancore Analytics

Passwords are a pain, a necessary evil, if you will. As more and more systems go automated and online we are required to generate multitudes of passwords, and remember them all! Even worse one cannot get away with a simple '1234' or 'abcd' as a password.

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The Ultimate Sports Fan Experience

Fans are the lifeblood of any sports team. They motivate players to perform better and drive revenues for the team owners. Engaging with fans and analyzing their behavioral patterns are therefore of paramount importance to team owners. But how can team owners do this? That too, as unobtrusively as possible.

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How geofencing technology complements patient care

Patient engagement seems to be the current buzzword in healthcare technology. It is, of course, indubitable that an engaged patient is a happy patient. This, though, can lead to vast amounts of data collection for the healthcare provider. EMR/EHR solutions can solve this, but only to a certain extent.

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Side Effects of Virtual Reality And How They Can Be Fixed

Many experts predicted that 2016 would be the year that Virtual Reality or VR would finally " " or " ". Why is it then that everyone isn't jumping on the VR bandwagon and hailing it? Is it because of the worry, as CNBC poised in this thought-provoking article, that the health risks being ignored ?

Travancore Analytics
Why Beacon Technology Is Important For Retailers

Beacon technology is poised to grow exponentially in the coming years with retailers are expected to be the major investors. Predictions say that by the end of 2018, retailers will have more than 3 billion active beacons installed. These little Bluetooth enabled devices are expected to drive $44 billion in retail sales by 2016.

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