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Why I Don't Acknowledge My Relationships on Social Media

Welcome to It's Complicated, stories on the sometimes frustrating, sometimes confusing, always engrossing subject of modern relationships. (Want to share yours? Email pitches to [email protected] .) A few years ago, shortly after a close friend of mine went through a breakup with her boyfriend of several years, she began the social-media purge, systematically deleting her Instagram posts and Facebook photos of the two of them together.

Opinion | Dropping Out of College Into Life

At the end of that year, I quit my sorority and withdrew from college. That's when I had to confront the fact that the worst thing I could imagine had happened: I'd failed. But strangely, because it couldn't be undone and there was nowhere to go but forward, it was easier to rebuild.

Teen Vogue
Students in Conservative Kentucky Are Organizing Against Gun Violence

On March 20, 150 students took to the Kentucky State Capitol for a rally and teach-in to empower students, teachers, and parents to organize around student safety. The event was by the Prichard Committee Student Voice Team, a group of self-selected students - ranging from middle school to college - working with the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence to elevate voices of Kentucky youth.

Is college worth it? How the gig economy is reshaping higher education

After high school, Kusal Kularatne, who has been living in Kansas City, Kan. since 2013, opted to stray from the traditional collegiate path. Rather than heading off for four years of classes and a major, he decided that real-world work experience, fueled by internships and guidance from mentors, was a smarter avenue for him.

Learning My Mother Through Her Playlists

About a year ago, my mother's computer crashed. She was devastated over the loss of the iTunes library she'd spent years meticulously crafting, creating playlist after playlist with combinations of songs that fit like a puzzle only she could see: The...

Living with an invisible illness: 'I get the feeling my friends see me as lazy'

In October, I was standing outside a park, waiting to interview my favorite artist for a story. I should have been going over questions I wanted to ask. Instead, I was pulling up an app that claimed that it would tell me where the closest public restroom was (it didn't) and making a mad dash for a Whole Foods four blocks away.

No, Donald, they're not just words: Why Trump's comments matter

The morning after the release of the now-infamous video featuring Donald Trump Donald John Trump Dems step up efforts to avoid California primary shutouts Trump expected to cut Planned Parenthood funding through regs Can Jim Jordan become top House Republican?

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