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Rachel Pedersen


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Attempted my first novel in the fourth grade named, "Claire" and still have dreams of actually publishing a real book one day.

I write for various publications online and my words have also made it to print. I have written about a wide range of subjects that include business funding, financial literacy, healthcare marketing, chubby unicorns, and potato chips.

Resume available upon request
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Three Pennies

Three Pennies
8 Things We Learned About Money in Our First Year of Marriage - Three Pennies

Photo by Black Coffee Photo Co. Next Monday is our first wedding anniversary and we are so excited! Personal finance changes when you become married and there were new things we learned about money and how to handle it together as a team. We put together this list (yes, Jordan helped too!)

Three Pennies
No Discipline Seems Pleasant At The Time... - Three Pennies

11 No discipline seems pleasant at the time, but painful. Later on, however, it produces a harvest of righteousness and peace for those who have been trained by it. - Hebrews 12:11 This. This scripture is one of the best and accurate ways to describe getting your fina

HERLIFE Magazine

Career Days: Helping Children Learn What They Want to Be

Do you remember childhood thoughts about what you wanted to be when you grew up? Did you become what you dreamed of, or did you go down a bumpy path as you learned more about yourself and what you are good at?

Goal: College Acceptance Letters

Today's college admission process involves much more than good grades and test scores. Parents and their children need to be thinking about their strategy well before senior year if they intend to compete for an acceptance letter to the college of their choice. The biggest key is to stay strong from start to finish.

Giving Grads the Gift of Financial Literacy

In high school and college, students are taking in loads of information. They're learning the Pythagorean theorem, classical conditioning with Pavlov's dogs, the theory of relativity and much more. They could probably tell you all about ecosystems and the anatomy of the body, but they may have no idea how to make a budget.

Giving to the Right Pockets

Around the holidays, there are a variety of bells that we have come to know: sleigh bells, jingle bells and the charity bells. Every year you walk past the bundled-up volunteers who are ringing their bells and greeting strangers in hopes that you will feel moved by the spirit of the season to support their cause.

Finding the right route to business funding

We've all heard the phrase "Time is money." It's generally accurate, but consider an alternative proposition: Time is more valuable than money. Money can multiply, but time can't. Beyoncé's empire wasn't built in a day and a business doesn't usually launch in 24 hours either. Being an entrepreneur is an exacting and time-consuming effort.

Copy Writing | Content Creation

Pyro City
Skip the Line, Buy Online - Pyro City

At Pyro City Fireworks, we aren't just celebrating our favorite holiday. We are celebrating freedom, summer nights with friends and family, and now the option to buy online! This year, you will be able to purchase your favorite fireworks online and pick up in-store! So, how does it work?

Winco Fireworks
Our Virtual Blast Off Recap

Last week, we premiered our first-ever virtual Blast Off and we have received a tremendous amount of great feedback! We are so glad we were able to come up with a solution after having to cancel our shoot off events due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Instagram Story Template for Pyro City Fireworks
4th of July This or That

Conceptualized and created this Instagram story template to create engagement among followers in the lead up to 4th of July.

Megan Neher PR
Know Your Noodle: Penne

Penne is an Italian word for "quills" or feather pens. It's large, two inches straight and cut at an angle to resemble the point of a quill. It's one of the most versatile noodles that can complement a variety of sauces from creamy to heavy.

Miscellaneous Publications

Taylor Magazine

Taylor Magazine
Excuse How Gross I Look | Taylor Magazine

I have never understood why girls include phrases such as, "disregard how terrible I look in this picture, but..." and goes on to describe something other than herself in the photo.

Taylor Magazine
Why We Need to Collaborate, Not Compete | Taylor Magazine

And 3 ways how to do it! You have competed before. Whether you know it or not, you have. It might have been just thoughts in your brain mentally competing against another girl to physically competing on stage for a crown. Society, and especially mass media has long stacked women against each other.

Taylor Magazine
Applaud the Monologue: Miss Colorado Does Have Talent | Taylor Magazine

"What's your talent?" Ah, the big question you're asked when you compete in a pageant. It was my first time competing in a pageant on a big whim so I grimaced inside when I answered, "poetry." It wasn't a dance number and I wasn't going to be belting out any songs that night either.

Taylor Magazine
A 10 Step Breakup Checklist

Whether you were dumped or you did the dumping, a breakup truly is a tough time for anyone. Everyone has different grieving techniques and react to the situation in a variety of ways. I am simply giving you a checklist of things you can do to be a few steps closer to healing your heart and getting back out there.

Thought Catalog
Why I Feel Bad For The Other Girl

As women, we typically hate the Other Girl. When we find out our boyfriend was seeing someone else, we tend to not like the Other Girl more than him. But, the farther I get away from what happened to me when I was cheated on and when my friends have been left for someone else, I see clearer.

Elite Daily

Elite Daily
No More Sorry, Not Sorry: Why We All Need To Apologize More Often

I'll wait, even if it takes years. There is just something special, meaningful and freeing about an apology. Years ago, I read on a Dove chocolate wrapper that the phrases not used enough are "thank you" and "I love you." The statement impacted me, and there's one more phrase I think we need to add: "I'm sorry."

Elite Daily
6 Reasons Why We Don't Like Ourselves When We're 23

Blink 182 taught us in their song, "What's My Age Again?" that "nobody likes you when you're 23." Now that I am in my third month of being 23, I realize maybe it's not that everybody hates you when you are 23, but 23-year-olds themselves simply hate being 23.

Elite Daily
10 Ways The Life Of A Pageant Girl Isn't All Glitz And Glamor

"What's your talent?" Six months into training and preparing for Miss Kansas USA, I was getting quite annoyed whenever someone asked me this question in a usually snarky or joking tone. I would then have to explain, for what seemed like the millionth time, Miss USA did not include a talent portion, but Miss America did.

Glitter and the Girly Girl

Unboxing Our Social Causes

As I have grown and dabbled in "the real world," I know other humans that would cringe or think I am crazy to actually like and enjoy people. Put those two statements together and you have me declaring that I care about people.

Pine Needles

Fall has proven to be the most bitter, but also the sweetest season for me. As much as I love to feel the change in the air as it turns crisp on my face, it also reminds me of the pain I've experienced the past few years during this time.

The Every BODY Battle

I am a touch overwhelmed. My mind is being cluttered over how I should feel about my body. Let me give you a glimpse as to what I am referring to. In the last couple weeks, social media has been on the defense over our bodies and what is the perfect body.

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