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G'day, I'm Bec; a contributing writer to several online publications including: The Huffington Post, Femme Heroine and Your Friends House as well as two personal platforms. Since taking my writing public just over two years ago, I've published over 200 articles and have now launched my own Copywriting business - for the quirky, modern, businesswoman. Give me a shout out - I'd love to work with you.



Pregnant Mums - Not Just Mum
Website copy written for Life Coach - Not Just Mum (see "Work with me" pages)
SEO vs traditional copywriting - the battle of the century
Article written for the blog of 'Words Count' Copywriting agency.
Product descriptions
What you'll receive in this package of love: A bright, beautiful letter (with love, from us); A "Surrender Within" Journal printed by Words with Heart & designed by The Love...
The Love Letter Collective | Home
Website content (Home and About Us pages, as well as product description for the Goddess Letter)
(Long form) Sales Page for Life Coach/online course
Are you struggling to find a way to do meaningful (& massively profitable) work? Do you find yourself at a 'fork in the road', unsure of which path you should take? Are you...
Content written for entire website
Entire website content written for The Quirky Copywriter.
Promotional flier for gym
HELLO, I'm Bec from 'STRAYA' (What we Aussie bogans call AUSTRALIA) - where we all ride round on Kangaroos, eat spoonfulls of Vegemite straight from the jar, and say things...

Ebook Design

30 Questions that will remind you life's pretty sweet
A fun workbook on practicing gratitude


Oprah Winfrey Credits Her Success To This One Thing We All Have - Words of Women
I still hadn't heard a word back from the casting agency about the movie role I'd gone for, months prior, and I was convinced it was because I was fat. In fact, it had to be...
Anxiety got you by the throat? Here's what to do about it
Manage your stress like a boss with these quick and easy "chill tips" If you're alive and currently breathing at this very moment, you're probably familiar with the fact that...
Worried your negative thoughts will attract more negativity?
We all have negative thoughts from time to time, here’s what to do next time you feel like you’re spiralling into a vortex of overthinking.
Constantly strapped for cash? I wonder if you've considered this...
On a routine 'chucking' expedition at my house the other night, I found my mothers old jewellery box in amongst the crap that I had stuffed lazily into our lounge room cabinet.
The Pill: Why I'll never use it again
Femme Heroine: A home for boss bitch gentleladies killing it in the game.
Are people with less happier? I culled my wardrobe to just 33 things to find out
My experiment with minimalism.
Give me back my old brick phone - along with my life, thanks
I started to tell the sales guy that I was only 5 weeks out from my contract end-date, meaning I would own my iphone 6 outright and be (finally) free to do as I please. Normally...
I'm sorry, am I boring you?
Most people don't actually listen to you when you're talking. Have you noticed? We're all pretty talented pretenders... You can tell when their eyes dart all around you, looking...
How to go on dates with yourself (and actually like it)
I've always had issues with going to cafes/restaurants by myself. The thought of sitting there all alone made me feel all panicky and sick. I think it was a mixture of not...
I wish people would stop telling me to settle - Thoughts And Ideas - Medium
I've been dwelling on the thought, recently, that maybe our schooling education has been prepping us to get the 'shit end of the stick' so to speak, once it spews us out into...
The Ultimate Monday Morning Pep Talk
"Mondayitis: a feeling of weariness, sadness, apathy and general distress that many of us feel when starting the Monday morning working week." For me, Mondayitis actually kicks...
Thanks mind, I heard you the first time you said I was shit
I have this somewhat bipolar little person living inside my head. She's definitely a woman because she overthinks, doubts her abilities, gets offended easily and her emotions...
What if I'm that awkward, shy girl nobody wants to talk to? - MY ROOMMATE NANCY
An annoyingly old tale that is regularly whispered to me by my anxious, overthinking mind, Nance. I remember a few years ago, (actually, years and years ago. I'm getting old....
Life in a caffeinated state
Last week, Jamie, from accounts asked me to go to a motivational conference with her on the weekend, at this stage I was 2 double shot coffees deep and the caffeine chimed in,...
Is everyone's mind this negative? - MY ROOMMATE NANCY
I've been extra vigilant - lately - to call out my mind for any of its 'jerk-like' behaviour. You know, not letting it get away with anything, and getting clear on exactly what...

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