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Freelance writer at Blizzard Watch. Former writer with Now Loading and Tableau Software.

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Why Oculus Is Getting Sued $2b, As Zuckerburg Speaks At Trial

Originally published at Nowloading.co. "Did Oculus steal their technology? ZeniMax Media claims so, alleging that Oculus not only stole ZeniMax's intellectual property, but also that they destroyed evidence to prevent being caught."

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ZeniMax Vs Oculus Lawsuit, What Happened And What It Means

Originally published at Nowloading.co. "After three weeks of a court trial, the lawsuit of ZeniMax vs Oculus has been settled by a jury. ZeniMax Media, the owner of Bethesda and id Software, sued Facebook and Oculus in 2014 for the theft of trade secrets and copyrighted information, though the trial didn't start until January 2017."

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The Legal Battle Between Blizzard and Bossland Over Bots and Cheats

Originally published at Nowloading.co. "Blizzard has always been against bots in their games, so it's no surprise they take legal action against bot creators. They've won several major lawsuits against bot creators in the US, but their fight with the German bot creator Bossland GmbH has proven to be more difficult."

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Slant Magazine Gives Breath Of The Wild 6/10, Probably For The Clicks

Originally published at Nowloading.co. "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is probably the highest rated game to date. It has received nearly unanimous high reviews from all the major gaming outlets and selling incredibly well in its first week. Until now."

Blizzard Watch
Spiritual Guidance: Our own class fantasy | Blizzard Watch

BlizzCon soon approaches, and with it Legion's promise to go back to the fantasy of each class. Priests are unique because their class fantasy derives from their individual races, rather than the class itself.

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Video Game Cheaters Legally Owe $8.6 Million, Says Court Ruling

Originally published at Nowloading.co. "Blizzard has been granted over $8.5 million in a default judgment against one of the more notorious cheat makers. Bossland GMBH, the creator of the "buddy" bots and "Honorbuddy" so famous in World of Warcaft, was found in violation of Blizzard's copyright with their recent "Watchover Tyrant" cheat for Overwatch."