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Rachel Alice Dodemaide

Freelance Journalist

Location icon Australia

Hi! I'm an aspiring freelance journalist from Melbourne, I recently graduated from Swinburne University with a bachelor's degree in Journalism. I’m now looking to build a career, further my studies and gain industry experience.
I believe stories have the power to influence and change our society for better and for worse. A long look back into our past might suggest where the good and the bad stem from. With the evolution of language came the power tell our stories to one another, to describe the world around us and to imagine what lay beneath appearances. For most of history this craft was practised through oral tradition, with inter-generational knowledge shared within small groups. Today, in our technological age of communication, we generate and disperse data and information at an ever-increasing rate. This has allowed diverse voices to speak and be heard but it has also led to the circulation of information that has little or no basis in fact - the so-called fake news of today’s divisive politics.
For me, a good piece of journalistic work is ethically directed, thoroughly researched, accurate and representative. Good journalism is the story that connects with its audience, and speaks on behalf of underrepresented groups and individuals. It pulls back a veil of ignorance and provides visibility where and when it is warranted. I wish to write stories that do this and I’m both willing and able put in the effort to do so.


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