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Diligent, methodical and dynamic, I am passionate with foreign languages, travel and media.

A team player, I am determined to give the best of my abilities whenever I work on a project. I am always keen to learn and I love a new challenge.

Thanks to my work experiences in French and British national media as well as my dual Journalistic university curriculum, I have gained numerous multimedia skills including: web editing and web design, filming, reporting, conducting interviews and vox-pops.




1,000 visit Real Ale and Cider Festival

Newcastle Cricket club hosted its fifth Real Ale and Cider Festival on Osborne Avenue, in Jesmond, opening last Thursday at 5pm.The five-day festival attracted over a thousand participants, according to Cricket Club secretary and festival organiser Olwyn Hocking.

'No one would ever say you can slap your wife'

France is in violation of a treaty because it doesn't fully ban smacking. Photo: Shutterstock After human right's watchdog the Council of Europe declared that France should ban smacking completely, The Local talks to the UK charity whose complaint prompted the ruling and a French families organisation who are staunchly against outlawing corporal punishment.

The most outrageous quotes from the DSK trial

The sordid details of 'libertine' sex parties, DSK's rampant sexual appetite and what prostitutes must do to earn a living have been laid bare at the pimping trial of the ex-IMF chief in Lille. Here's some of the stand-out statements from DSK and the prostitutes he romped with.

French Muslims react to Charlie Hebdo cover

The latest controversial cover of French satire mag Charlie Hebdo will feature the Prophet Muhammad in tears, holding a sign that says I am Charlie. The Local looks at how members of Muslim community in Paris and beyond have reacted.

Eight other sex scandals that rocked French politics

The recent sexual harassment allegations around a French minister and parliament's deputy speaker are just the latest sordid sex scandals in French politics. But there have been others over the years that turned heads, involving young ballerinas and Bangkok brothels.

RECAP: Gunmen 'coordinated' attacks

Key events of the day: Wanted Kouachi brothers killed in police raid at printing works in Dammartin Accomplice Amedy Coulibaly killed after taking hostages at Jewish grocery store At least four hostages reportedly killed at the store 21:27 - We will shortly close this live blog.

The Charlie Hebdo attack as it happened

At around 11:30am on the morning of January 7th 2015 gunmen burst into the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine and sent shockwaves around the world and changed France forever. Here's what happened in real time as The Local reported the attack on that fateful day.

RECAP: Brothers hunted for Charlie Hebdo murders

THIS LIVE BLOG HAS NOW CLOSED: CLICK HERE FOR LATEST UPDATES Latest: Two men being hunted following murder of 12 people at Charlie Hebdo satirical magazine in Paris Men named as brothers Saïd and Chérif Kouachi Third man hands himself to police after seeing his name circulating Security heightened in Paris Leaders from around the world strongly condemn the terror attack Thousands rally across France and around the world in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo US reports of arrests not confirmed in...

Single in Paris? Here's where to avoid on Valentine's Day

With romantic couples set to flood into Paris for Valentine's Day, there are certain parts of the city that singles should avoid. Paris. The city of romance, the city of love. But what about if you're here as a single? Nothing to worry about, we've put together the survival guide for singles in Paris with all the places worth avoiding.

Irate rebels won't topple French government

France's government was braced on Thursday for a parliamentary vote of confidence over its economic reforms that could in theory bring it down. But one of the dozens of Socialist party rebels who prompted the crisis tells The Local why they won't bring down the government.

Paris mayor to push for 24-hour Metro service

Will Paris ever get a 24-hour Metro? Photo: Thomas Ulrich/Flickr Could Paris soon have a 24-hour Metro service? The mayor Anne Hidalgo said on Tuesday that she is in favour of it and is already in talks with the capital's transport chiefs.

France bans hands-free kits to cut road deaths

A dummy goes flying at a crash test course for students in Le Mans, north-western France. Photo: AFP UPDATED: France's interior minister announced a raft of measures on Monday aimed at improving road safety, with a heavy focus on preventing alcohol-related accidents as well the use of mobiles at the wheel.

France or Germany: The best country to work in?

With a group of employees in northern France having been left outraged after being given an ultimatum to either relocate to Germany or lose their job, The Local looks at which country is the best place to work - France or Germany?

French baker accused of selling 'racist' cakes

A cake maker in the south of France has been threatened with legal action for inciting racial hatred unless he stops selling cakes deemed "obscene" by an anti-racism group in France. The baker told The Local he's a victim of intellectual terrorism.

Brother of Alps crash victim: 'I am in a rage'

Friends and family members of the victims of the Germanwings plane crash have been left horrified and angry after the revelations that the co-pilot deliberately downed the plane and that he had been signed off sick for the day of the crash. The Local speaks to one man who lost his brother.

Skiers heading to the Alps face travel chaos

Parisians heading off to the ski slopes at the start of the school holidays could face an ordeal to get to the mountains with traffic chaos forecast for all roads leading to the French Alps. And remember what happened last time...

What's on in France: Ten things to do in April

Runners at the annual Paris marathon. Photo: AFP Spring has finally arrived, and it promises a series of fun activities from the Paris marathons to epic Easter egg hunts. Here are ten events in April definitely worth checking out. (The marathon in 2014.

What's on: London's arts scene comes to Paris

David Bowie's Aladdin Album cover. Photo: Duffy Archive and The David Bowie Archive Paris and London are joining hands in solidarity, launching a new cross-country cultural exhibition that will see David Bowie, London's Philharmonic Orchestra, and much more on show in Paris. We take a closer look at what Parisians can expect.


What Parisians think of our French accents

After all the talk about the world's favourite accent, The Local took to the streets of Paris to find out what the French think about us foreigners when we try to speak their language. It turns out they prefer some Anglo accents to others.

Muslims in France - 'They say we're not French'

After the Paris terror attacks, the spotlight is once again focused on how France has apparently failed to integrate its Muslim immigrants. Despite calls for national unity many Muslims who The Local spoke to in Paris said they simply don't feel French.

The French baby names the law wouldn't allow

Not everyone was "Happy" about some of these French baby names. Photo: Loren Javier/Flickr As parents in France have been told that they can't give their child the name of a terrorist, The Local takes a look at some other baby names that have fallen foul of the law over the years.

France or Germany: The best country to work in?

With a group of employees in northern France having been left outraged after being given an ultimatum to either relocate to Germany or lose their job, The Local looks at which country is the best place to work - France or Germany?

Do the French really not care about Christmas?

Do the French really not care about Christmas? Photo: AFP An opinion poll published this week concluded the French were the least bothered about Christmas of all northern European countries. But do the French really not give a s**t about Santa? Or are these polls best ignored?

Forget fake news, these are the ten real 'no-go zones' in Paris

After Fox News, it was the turn of the British tabloids and US far-right bloggers to claim there were dangerous no-go zones in Paris. But what do they know? We've listed the real places in the City of Light that you'd want to avoid. Although they're more don't-go zones than no-go.

So where are all these sex clubs in Paris?

Thanks to DSK and Fifty Shades of Grey, swinging has dominated headlines in French newspapers lately. But where are all these Paris sex clubs? Turns out they might be closer than you'd think. There are almost 500 swingers club in France, many of which are in Paris.

How studying in the UK is different to France

Parisian Priscillia Charles spent a year studying at Newcastle University in the North East of England. Photo: Private From Freshers week to dressing up, Parisian journalist Priscillia Charles, who recently spent a year studying in the North East of England, points out the main differences between student life on both sides of the Channel.

VIDEO: Meet the football magician of Montmartre

Anyone who's been to Montmartre in Paris would have seen a footballer drawing crowds as he juggles a football, while swinging from a lamppost. The Local chats to the man who played for PSG youth teams, is a world-record holder, and has shared the stage with Shakira.

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