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I am a graduate with a BA in English and have accumulated experience with writing and communications through a combination of professional positions, courses, internships, and volunteer positions. My current position is as a copywriter for ICM Corporation where I write copy for email newsletters, entries for multiple blogs, content for the website, and more. I am currently on the staff of an online game, where I am not only responsible for writing and creating content but also for helping to edit work of other contributors. My internship with Cream City Review gave me experience composing professional emails, newsletters, and guides, as well as handling inventory, acquisitions, and outreach.

In addition, I am currently working on a novel that has been in the works for several years. My focus in college was creative writing, and I have done a large variety of stories.

A Thousand Worlds - Author April Presnell
How Queerbaiting Got Me A Wife

Strap in everyone; this is going to be a long one. Most of you know what queerbaiting is but for those of you who don't, here's the basics.

Take Your Classroom Out

Spring is nearly here, and we bet both you and your students are eager to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. What we want to know is...why don't you? There are plenty of benefits to moving your classroom outside, and it's certainly not going to hurt to move your lessons outdoors once in a while.

Getting Discovered As A New Business

Whether you've started a website, began to sell on Amazon, or just opened an Etsy shop, one of the toughest parts of starting a new business venture is getting found by your target audience. Plus once you are found by your audience, you need to get them to stick around long enough to learn more about you.

Is A Flipped Classroom Right For You?

The traditional teaching model of lecturing and note taking has fallen by the wayside. Now, more and more teachers are trying out more engaging lessons that bring about more classroom participation. That can take shape in many ways, but one of the newest, and increasingly popular, is the Flipped Classroom.

Shared Publication

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Elite Daily
The Best Places For Introverts To Feel Comfortable Socially

April Presnell in Culture For many introverts, going out to a loud club or bar is horrifying. While it's popularly accepted that introverts don't enjoy socializing, nothing could be further from the truth. Maybe some people just need a bit of down time to recharge between events and don't enjoy the overstimulation of loud, crowded venues.

Direct Crowd Control: Hosting Outdoor Events in Winter

Hosting an outdoor event during the winter months can be very complicated. Outdoor winter events are often fun, memorable, and exciting. Of course, with the temperatures falling and the chance for snow imminent in much of the country, outdoor events must be approached the correct way.

Shipping Supply: Packing Fragile Items

It's nearing the end of the month, meaning many young adults are heading off to college. Packing up your life and moving to a new place is very daunting, no matter who you are, and this is particularly true when one has a lot of fragile items to transport.

Group Project - Magazine
A Typical Milwaukee

My final group project for Editng and Publishing was to create a magazine. I wrote multiple articles which can be found inside.

Teaching Thanksgiving Responsibly

Traditionally, depictions of Thanksgiving are fraught with images of Native Americans in feathered headdresses, pilgrims in black hats, and a feast of turkey, potatoes, and corn. Unfortunately, all of these images are historically inaccurate. Many schools portray an incorrect image of Thanksgiving to their students.

Keep Students Organized

Winter break is over now for most students, and it's time to get back into the swing of classes. Now that break is over, it's a good chance to help students get organized for the second half of the year. Some students have no problem with this and even thrive.

Shipping Supply: Quick Halloween Costumes using Shipping Supplies

Halloween is fast approaching. Have you purchased a costume for you or your child yet? Halloween costumes can get expensive, and sometimes you find Halloween is days away and you have no costume! But don't worry, because you can make your own simple but fun Halloween costume at home with items you already own!

Organize for the New Year

I wrote the article "Organize for the New Year" on page 4, as well as all the product descriptions.