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Prahaas Boppudi

Content Writer

Location icon India

I’m an engineering graduate with a keen interest in content creation. When I was in the second year of my engineering, I, out of sheer curiosity, gave writing a shot. I started out with writing destination articles for a travel planning website called “TravelHatke”. Looking back, this job was crucial in helping me find my style. Like most people starting out, I too was under the impression that using heavy words would make me a good writer. I started swapping out common words with heavy sounding ones with the help of a thesaurus, without paying much attention to the nuance of that particular synonym. Soon, ‘playing’ became ‘frolicking’ and ‘walking’ became ‘traipsing’.

It wasn’t until I was a few articles old that I realised that the mark of a good writer was not in using difficult sounding words, but it was having the ability to explain abstract concepts with lucidity. I began viewing writing as a means to paint a picture. I made metaphors my firearm and adjectives my gunpowder. There’s this quote attributed to Roy Peter Clark which goes something like this - “Synonyms don’t exist. No two words in the English language mean the same”. Now, I might have paraphrased a bit there, but I try to keep this quote in mind whenever I sit down to write something.

It has been around 3 years since I’ve started writing and since then, I’ve worked for 3 different companies, writing more than 50 articles. In addition to blog writing, I’ve written several poems, a couple of stories, a dozen scripts, and more than two dozen captions for photographs my friends and I have taken. I believe the written word has great potential to influence thought, incite action, and elicit emotions, making it, by far, the best means of self-expression.


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