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A Thai girl who writes for the Western audience

I'm Prae, a Thai freelance journalist based in Bangkok. Until recently, I was a Managing Editor for Coconuts, an English-language news website. As a head of the publication, I wrote and edited an average of 100 articles per month with a focus on day-to-day news, features, and lifestyle.

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History Lost: The end of the centuries-old Mahakan Fort community (PHOTOS)

On a parched Tuesday afternoon, a two-centuries-old wooden house was being dismantled piece by piece. The sound of machinery scooping up scraps of woods and bricks echoed inside the walls of Manakan, a fort built in 1783 to protect the new capital from potential invasions.

In the House of Haunted Dolls, a creator bares her heart

WALKING INTO MAMA NING'S LAIR on the outskirts of Bangkok, I was slightly disturbed by the body parts scattered around her house - a headless toddler, little limbs, bits of hair and tiny clothes packed into buckets. The body parts? Don't mind those, said Chutipat Siripoh, one of Mama's acolytes, who greeted me at the door.

Voices from the street: Erawan Shrine's spirit is unbowed

A cloud of smoke from joss sticks floated around the sculpture of Hindu God Phra Phrom as people prayed on their knees. Flowers and love notes were placed outside the shrine as a symbol of grief and respect. Erawan Shrine is usually a place that welcomes those who want to escape and seek comfort, but yesterday it was a reminder of tragedy.


Travelogues from Remote Lands
Eat Like a Local in Bangkok's Chinatown at these 6 Street Eateries

While Yaowarat has a focus on Chinese cuisine, those who'd like to wrap up their night with a freshly-cooked pad thai will likely end up at this humble noodle cart. Just like the name suggests, there's nothing fancy about O.K. Pad Thai, but its setting puts diners right where the action is.

A great burger at Chef Poupée's Bad Burger

COCONUTS HOT SPOT - Be it the juicy char-grilled Australian beef, perfectly-cooked chicken, or vegan patties made from colorful veggies, Chef Poupée makes sure that everyone can sit down at her restaurant and enjoy a simple, well-made, delicious burger. You may know Panida Paethanom, better known as Chef Poupée, back when she ran her burger stall at On Nut market.

Avocado Everything: Bangkok's new bistro offers every avocado dish imaginable

COCONUTS HOT SPOTS - The Hass Bistro has just become the first restaurant in Bangkok to fully commit on the the avocado fad. Although coming to the scene two years after the everything-avocado trend reached its peak, the bistro on Sukhumvit Soi 49 uses the Hass avocado imported from New Zealand to guarantee creaminess and prepare them every way you can imagine - served fresh, seasoned, deep-fried, heck, they even whip-cream it.

Nine Inches of Nicky and the future of Thai porn

It's a hot Sunday afternoon outside a PTT gas station's Cafe Amazon, and a small crowd of reporters have gathered to see a motley band of photographers, writers and others volunteering to support one man's bid to "revolutionize" porn in Thailand.

Coconuts Bangkok Ghost Guide

Feared downtown as much as upcountry, they're found in movies, lakorn, and closets everywhere. Indeed one only has to consider the ubiquitous spirit house to understand ghosts are kind of a big deal. And you can't reach the core of Thai culture until you get to know them.

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