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I am a Singapore-based journalist whose works have featured across Forbes, Esquire, South China Morning Post, Channel NewsAsia and The Peak. Author of Riot Recollections, a book detailing eyewitness accounts of the Singapore Little India Riot in 2013. Co-creator of The Lost Children of Cisarua, a photo documentary detailing the lives of child refugees in Indonesia.

The Lost Children of Cisarua

A photo-documentary detailing the lives of refugee children caught in the crossfire between ISIS, the Taliban and government bureaucracy. Text by Prabhu Silvam & photos by Kenneth Lee.

Ethos Books
Riot Recollections

A collection of portraits and short stories of individuals who witnessed the 2013 Singapore Little India Riot. Written by Prabhu Silvam & Zakaria Zainal.

The New Paper
Finding hope on the edge of life

A photoessay documenting the state of terminal illness in Singapore. Front page cover story for The New Paper, 29th May 2016.

Esquire Magazine
The State Of The Singaporean Man

50 Individuals: Artists, musicians, dreamers and revolutionaries - each, a story of nostalgia, hope, anguish & love. A tribute to The Singaporean Man.

Esquire Magazine
Liberal Asian Artists

A degustation of liberal Asian artists serving their own brand of beautiful justice that you'd appreciate in the gallery of your heart.

Esquire Magazine
Call Of Duty

Cover story for Esquire Magazine Singapore Winner - Best Special Edition Feature Media Publisher's Association Singapore 2015.

Esquire Magazine
Snap Shots

Nikon travel writeup

Iremember SG
The Persistance Of Time

We measure time according to the movement of countless suns; and they measure time by little machines in their little pockets

Architecture & Design

Singapore Architect Magazine
Types: After Becher

Singapore International Photography Festival 2014

Singapore Architect Magazine
Reels Of Gold

Along The Golden Mile Photo Exhibition

Branded Content

Emirates Airways
Dubai: Palette of the Middle East - Dubai's arts & culture

Where the world's glitziest galleries coexist with gritty street art. Bold, thought-provoking, yet quintessentially Middle Eastern, the arts and culture scene in Dubai is a kaleidoscope of immersive experiences - from beat poetry to modern dance and renaissance art to sold-out Broadway acts.

Emirates Airways
9 ways to enjoy adrenaline-fuelled action in Dubai

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, dune bashing on a dirt bike across Dubai's picturesque desert terrain is an experience that will leave you breathless. Rev up your engines and accelerate the throttle to maximum as you ride across the desert plains and leave a dust storm trailing.

Emirates Airways
Short trip to Dubai in just 3 days? Yes it's possible - How to maximise it

Less than eight hours away from Singapore by plane and bustling with myriad of things to do from dawn till dusk, the city of Dubai is perfect for a short weekend getaway. With its reputation as a cosmopolitan city complemented by eclectically vibrant neighbourhoods, Dubai is also an ideal destination for a fun-filled long weekend.

The Straits Times
4 things Tiger Beer is doing to celebrate hawker food

Following a successful run in April, Tiger Beer is bringing back their street food movement in August to celebrate Singapore's street food culture. Through a series of hawker food-centric initiatives, the campaign aims to bring Singaporeans together and encourage them to appreciate and show gratitude to the hardworking hawkers behind their beloved dishes.

Grandeur Park Residences
This condominium just upped its game

Grandeur Park Residences is replete with luxurious fitness and wellness facilities, some of which would be fitting of an upscale spa and fitness centre.

Emirates Airways
The best places to eat and drink in Dubai

Dubai's Emirati food is an epicurean adventure waiting to be discovered. Dec 1, 2016 If the measure of a city can be found in the diversity of its food, then Dubai must surely be one of the food capitals of the world.

SG Magazine Online
4 fun gift ideas for everyone in your life...almost

Sponsored] Much as we love giving gifts for Christmas, looking for good ones can be a bit painful. Here are some ideas on what to get for all the people in your life. Best part: they're all under one roof at Pacific Plaza .

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Going Global

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