Prabhu Silvam


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I am a Singapore-based journalist whose works have featured across Forbes, Esquire, South China Morning Post, Channel NewsAsia and The Peak. Author of Riot Recollections, a book detailing eyewitness accounts of the Singapore Little India Riot in 2013. Co-creator of The Lost Children of Cisarua, a photo documentary detailing the lives of child refugees in Indonesia.



South China Morning Post

'Worse than death': I survived the battle for Okinawa

A photo essay detailing the horrors of war as told by a silently disappearing generation of war survivors from the Battle of Okinawa.

The Lost Children of Cisarua

A photo-documentary detailing the lives of refugee children caught in the crossfire between ISIS, the Taliban and government bureaucracy. Text by Prabhu Silvam & photos by...

Esquire Singapore

Special Report : Kodaikanal's Suicide Point Body Extractors

Tragic and sinister yet full of hope, this is the first documented archive of the elusive body extractors of Kodaikanal's Suicide Point.

Ethos Books

Riot Recollections

A collection of portraits and short stories of individuals who witnessed the 2013 Singapore Little India Riot. Written by Prabhu Silvam & Zakaria Zainal.


Singapore's 99-year public housing lease : A ticking time bomb

A long-form editorial discussing Singapore's 99-year public housing scheme and the obstacles that lie in the road ahead.

The New Paper

Finding hope on the edge of life

A photoessay documenting the state of terminal illness in Singapore. Front page cover story for The New Paper, 29th May 2016.

Esquire Magazine

The State Of The Singaporean Man

50 Individuals: Artists, musicians, dreamers and revolutionaries - each, a story of nostalgia, hope, anguish & love. A tribute to The Singaporean Man.

Esquire Magazine

Liberal Asian Artists

A degustation of liberal Asian artists serving their own brand of beautiful justice that you'd appreciate in the gallery of your heart.

Esquire Magazine

Call Of Duty

Cover story for Esquire Magazine Singapore Winner - Best Special Edition Feature Media Publisher's Association Singapore 2015.

The Peak

Interview with President of Procter & Gamble Asia-Pacific

Feature interview with President of P&G Asia Pacific, Magesvaran Suranjan detailing the rise and rise of P&G in Asia.

Esquire Magazine

A woman we love, Lim Peifen

Longform interview feature with radio veteran Lim Peifen.

Esquire Magazine

A woman we love, Angela May

Longform interview feature with model, TV host and chef Angela May.

Esquire Magazine

Snap Shots

Nikon travel writeup

The Peak

An inside look at Singapore’s first electric hypercar

Feature story on the Vanda Electric’s Dendrobium, Singapore's first electric hypercar.

The Peak

How Social Impact Tourism Empowers Lives

Interview with Christine Amour-Levar.

Iremember SG

The Persistance Of Time

We measure time according to the movement of countless suns; and they measure time by little machines in their little pockets

Architecture & Design

Singapore Architect Magazine

The Great Garden Escape

House at Crowhurst Drive

Singapore Architect Magazine

Within and Without - Monoform Living

House at Novena

Singapore Architect Magazine

Idealism Of Thought

The Refinery, 115 King George's Ave