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I'm a queer/black/trans woman writing about games, music, and movies! I also do some documentary and interview video work. You can find my work on my Medium!


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What Happened to All the Black Games? - ZEAL

This essay was funded through Patreon under the ZEAL project. ZEAL aims to provide high quality criticism of rarely discussed games and comics, and showcase the talents of exciting new writers and artists. For details and information on how to donate, please check out our Patreon !] Where are our games?

Documenting Surveillance - AFSC Blog 1 Cross Post

I'll be cross posting all blog posts I make while working as an American Friends Service Committee Intern. You can find the original post . Tuesday signaled the first day of our 6 week American Friends Service Committee internship.

Oxenfree and Teens

Oxenfree: Smells Like Teen Dialog There's a lot of noise around teens at any given time. Despite the fact that a lot of people would like to believe they're worthless, teens are one of the most powerful cultural forces at any given time. Teens start trends. Teens can spend their parents money.

Single Press: A Sunday Drive with Glitchhikers

by Marie (@rlpte) Glitchhikers by Silverstring Media PC ( Single Press is a series of short writings on small games. It is made possible through the support of our Patreon. Content warning for discussions of suicide below: My first time through Glitchhikers, I felt at peace.

Rebel Galaxy Review: The Devil Went Down to Jupiter

by Marie (@PowerfulOrb) Rebel Galaxy Developer- Double Damage Games Publisher- Double Damage Games PS4, Xbox One, PC (Steam, GOG) Rebel Galaxy feels like a good album where every song has the same chords. It's hard to pick out a single that stands above the rest, and it all kinda blends together, but it's good for the first 5 plays.

Single Press: Without Direction

by Marie (@rlpte) Direction by Kristian Kronstrand PC ( Single Press is a series of short writings on small games. What makes one person to matter to another? And how would you express that? What words would you use? What picture would you paint?

Firewatch Second Opinion

by Omar (@siegarettes) Second Opinion by Marie (@PowerfulOrb) Firewatch Developer- Campo Santo Publisher- Panic Inc, Campo Santo PC (Windows, OSX, Linux), PS4 Firewatch is about the things that go unsaid. It's a game where you dwell on the things you said, not because they lead you to the bad ending, but because you wish you could say something that made the other person feel better.

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