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Pressious Koffe Brown

Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach & Healing Practitioner

Location icon United States

What’s the love of your life? For speaker, coach and healing practitioner, Pressious Koffe Brown, it’s empowering others to heal.

A proponent for living life with passion and purpose, Koffe’s story is not much different from most of her clients. With astounding clarity borne from years of intensive work, Koffe has unraveled the impact of freedom in her life and recognized that her life’s purpose revolves around supporting others in their journey to inner peace, wholeness and love.

Koffe’s combination of personal experience and professional skills compelled her to create Destined for Greatness P.A.S. in 2003. Through inspirational speaking and life coaching, Koffe takes clients on a transformational journey of healing and growth, all to incorporate a holistic approach to healing and change. She focuses on shifting relationship patterns, raising self-awareness and channeling energies back to its true essence, one of divine spiritual love.

Driven by her mission to promote holistic growth, Koffe creates unique, powerful and high energy experiences that delights others to take hold of their vision and put it into action. Embodying the essence of her core message, “Free your mind, the rest will follow,'' Koffe contentedly fulfills her passion of serving others through life coaching, writing, workshops & seminars.

An author, avid reader, lover of communication and all things magical, Koffe’s mission is - and will forever be - to heal, inspire, and create change in the world, one heart at a time.

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