Phoenix Williams

Author and Freelance Writer

Location icon United States of America

Phoenix Williams is a freelance writer and the author of several novels. Ranging from dark and tense to strange and hilarious, his work captures the bizarre eccentricities that make reading unique.

Phoenix has over three years experience writing for startup companies, editing journalistic work, and creating blog content. He specializes in articles and essays about video games, LGBT rights, politics, and writing.

Code Feenicks
Building FreeCodeCamp's Tribute Page

Welcome to the very first part of my FreeCodeCamp Projects series! We're going to walk through each project required to complete FreeCodeCamp's Full Stack Web Development course. There are a few prerequisites you should meet before beginning this series: Have a firm grasp on the basics of HTML and CSS.

Living With A Transgender Roommate

Today I woke up to find Andy in a yellow skirt and a blue blouse, wearing a bra stuffed to give the impression that he had breasts. A little jarring as a sight to wake to, but that's how it i...

If it's Perfect in Your Head, You May Have to Do it Yourself

It's been a really exciting month for me! As many of you know, the first book in my Alfred Arnold saga is releasing on Oct. 21 (visit the site and pre-order, folks!) and I have been extremely busy. This is the first book launch that I've taken seriously on this kind of level.

Jon Stewart is One of the Most Influential People for My Generation

This last Thursday, millions of viewers around the world had to say "goodbye" to Jon Stewart as host of "The Daily Show." As much as it has been depressing for hardcore fans like myself, I have to keep remember what he's said several times in the last few months.

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