Phelan Chatterjee

Student, Writer, Stockholmer and Londoner

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Student of politics and sociology at the University of Cambridge. Active in the Black & Minority Ethnic Campaign and Decolonise Cambridge. Writes on race, sexuality and politics.

Debattartikel: "Nu oroar jag mig för mina muslimska kompisar"

"I stunden greps jag av en dubbel rädsla. Dels för att jag skulle åka tunnelbana hem i rusningstrafik, dels för att medierna hade använt begreppet terror istället för massmord", säger Phelan Chatterjee som studerar i London. Hör vad han tänker om attentatet i klippet ovan.

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Sexucated: Why is British sex ed lagging behind?

In Britain, it's easy to think that we're perched on the pinnacle of modern social attitudes. We may have a few vocal nationalists lurking around, but in general, we're lurching forth on the arc of progress. Not only are we among the top 3 in Europe's LGBT+ rights rankings, our cities are moderately accepting of multiculturalism, and non-nuclear families are decreasingly stigmatised.

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Here is how London could have its own refugee policy

Brexit was sold to us as an opportunity to take back control of our borders, but this isn't what we all wanted. In fact, 60 per cent of London voted remain, and mayor Sadiq Khan has been leading the political backlash against Brexit with his #LondonIsOpen campaign.

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If Jeremy Corbyn wants to survive, he needs to embrace Brexit

For supporters of Jeremy Corbyn and the Remain campaign, the EU referendum has been a disaster. While much of the Labour leader's left-wing critique of the EU as undemocratic, neoliberal and neocolonial is valid, his lack of enthusiasm for Remain and failure to mobilise left-wing communities have left Britain a divided nation, in store for more recession, austerity and xenophobia.
Debattartikel: "Främlingsfientligheten har redan segrat"

Efter de brittiska parlamentsvalen i 2015 var det många som drog en lättnadens suck över UKIPs dåliga resultat. Trots nästan 4 miljoner röster hade de bara vunnit en enda ledamot bland 650, tack vare Storbritanniens förlegade icke-proportionella omröstningssystem. Men UKIPs underrepresentation betyder inte att de saknar makt.
Debattartikel: "Londons Sadiq Khan - mer än succé för mångkulturen"

Jag växte upp i London under tidigt 2000-tal. Jag minns hur mångfalden var inbakad i våra matteböcker - uppgifterna handlade alltid om Ahmed och Emma som skulle räkna äpplen eller mäta blad. De kanske inte var medvetna om att de spelade en stor roll i att normalisera mångfalden i vårt samhälle.

Gandinis dokumentär vilar på koloniala stereotyper

Problemet med Erik Gandinis film The Swedish Theory of Love är inte att den diskuterar individualism och kollektivism. Problemet är att kollektivismen onyanserat kopplas till fattigdom och svarta människor som inte får tala för sig själva.

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"Diversity" or Normality: QTPOC Representation

The other day, I was watching the first episode of Aziz Ansari’s Master of None with a friend, and the first thing he pointed out was the in-your-face diversity – “Oh look, a Jew, a Pakistani and a black lesbian! They seem to be ticking all the boxes!” This seems to be a fairly widespread view; that cultural output in the 21st century has become a political correctness machine, churning out diversity quotas at the BFI, targets at Channel 4, and pesky Lenny Henrys demanding minority...

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Are queer people of colour finally entering the mainstream?

by Phelan Chatterjee Recently I watched the first episode of Aziz Ansari's Master of None with a friend. The first thing he pointed out was the seemingly in your face diversity; "Oh look, a Jew, a Pakistani and a black lesbian! They seem to be ticking all the boxes..."

The Independent
These were the biggest moments for LGBT people in 2015

What was 2015 like for queer people around the world? Truthfully, it's been a mixed bag. Equal marriage has spread across the world, yet hate crime is up. Trans people and queer people of colour have gained more media visibility, yet austerity measures have disproportionately struck those very communities.

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Corbyn used women and minorities to get to the top, then forgot them

Hope has been restored to the Labour Party. Hope of ending austerity and poverty in the world's fourth richest country. Hope of dismantling our nuclear weapons. And hope of providing refuge to desperate people fleeing war and persecution. Jeremy Corbyn is a stumbling block to the neoliberal consensus and seemingly a saviour of the Labour left.

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