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The Washington Post
Why Apple released an iPhone 4S

So maybe you’ve heard that a new iPhone was announced. Maybe you heard that it wasn’t the “iPhone 5″ but rather the iPhone 4S, which is essentially iPhone 4.5. People wanted the iPhone 5.

News One
MLK Memorial: Reflections On The Day

Yesterday was all about echoes. Echoes from voices past continuing into beyond. A sea of tens of thousands cheer and chanting as they looked up at video monitors showing the first family walking down a pathway of Martin Luther King’s most inspiring quotes en route to a ceremony to dedicate a memorial to honor his legacy. Past meets presents meets future.

NNPA News Service
Rum war threatens the Carribbean

U.S. Virgin Islands Governor John deJongh Virgin Islands governor tells how he is winning – so far

NNPA News Service
Help Pouring Out for Haitians as Death Count Grows

It’s been described as “The world’s Katrina”. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake that completely devastated and uprooted the Black island nation of Haiti, leaving an estimated 100,000 dead and millions more homeless, injured and in despair.

News One
Meet AARP’s First Black CEO

Since taking over in April as CEO of AARP, the nation’s top advocacy group for people over 50, A. Barry Rand has been asked the same question by reporters, as well as others.

NNPA News Service
Comcast Under Fire: Black Media Reps Demand More Black-owned Channels

- Ownership is a major driver of the Black economy. Knowing this, a group advocating Black media ownership and a former Federal Communications Commission chairman are spearheading a crusade against cable giant Comcast and their proposed merger with NBC/Universal over the cable operator's lack of African-American owned channels on its national platform.

NNPA News Service
U. S. Census Bureau Says Many Blacks Still Identify Themselves as 'Negro'

In March, many of the estimated 145 million households who receive the Census Bureau's shortened questionnaire for the nation's decennial headcount may be full of raised eyebrows when they get to Question 9, which asks about a person's race. Beside the designation for respondents who self-identify as Black and African-American is the word “Negro”, an antiquated term that is considered regressive to many in the African-American community, especially today with the country being led by a Black...

News One
Obama Sets Out To Debunk Health Care Myths

“Seniors have sacrificed” the commercial begins before highlighting hardship experiences unique to the “Greatest Generation” such as World War II and the Great Depression. “And now, seniors are now being asked tto sacrifice again. Congress plans to pay for healthcare reform by cutting $500 billion dollars from Medicare.”

News One
Health Care Reform Bill: What’s In It For Us?

As members of Congress begin August recess, temporarily setting aside intense negotiations for a passable health care reform bill, the Congressional Black Caucus has vowed to continue pushing for specific provisions that its members feel are vital for African-Americans.


The Urban Daily
This Is What Happened At Chris Brown's Arraignment Hearing [VIDEO]

Washington isn't typically a town known for news stories involving arrests of high-profile entertainment types. That's usually an LA thing. Maybe even New York. In this town, our celebrities are old. They wear ties with dark colored suits and aren't that interesting unless they happen to live on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

DMV's Hottest Artists of 2012 List

Welcome to our 2o12 list of the 11 HOTTEST music artists that rep the DC Metropolitan area. We are not making a list of who we feel is the best, only who, in our opinion, had the best year. Hence, the emphasis on HOTTEST. Please note that there is no specific order this year.

How To Save The Slam Dunk Contest

This weekend's slam dunk contest was akin to watching 2 girls and cup. Yes, it was that hard to watch. And judging by my Twitter timeline I wasn't the only one that thought that this dunk contest was a bigger fail than the spinning wheel idea and Nate Robinson's 50-miss non-dunk fest.

Vibe Magazine
Nelly: "Brass Knuckles" Album Review

Nelly is this era's LL Cool J, but that's only in image. While the ladies may love him, the St. Lunatic has yet to put out an album critically celebrated that could truly compare him to his legendary counterpart. Besides going extra hard on the bicep curls and sit-ups, Nelly's return after a four-year hiatus with Brass Knuckles (Universal Records), his fifth solo album, is lackluster.

Los Angeles Sentinel
Motivated by Homeless Character, Teen Actor Makes Film to Expose Reality

The last time we saw Jermaine Crawford, his hair was an unkempt mess and his face was riddled with the pains of a drug-addicted homeless teenager. That was some 10 months ago when Crawford closed the storyline for Duquan "Dukie" Weems, his character in the final season on the critically-acclaimed HBO crime drama, "The Wire".

Jadore Magazine
Wale: Last First Impression

It’s Tuesday, July 14th. Wale Folarin is sitting in with the Roots on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He’s scheduled to perform with Daniel Merriweather later on his single “Changes”. Fallon wraps up an otherwise stale monolog with a joke about Larry King’s wife before introducing a young rapper that most in his audience has yet to know.

News One
The Black Community’s Love-Hate Relationship With MJ

In a recent interview, renowned Thriller producer Quincy Jones told Details Magazine that although he called Michael Jackson a close friend, he didn’t believe Jackson had a disease that causes depigmitation of the skin. Instead, he insinuated that Jackson – who went from a chocolate brown child to a White-complexioned adult – had deep self-hatred issues.

The Urban Daily
2009 Mock Rap Draft: Who’s #1?

We conduct a fictional “rap draft” where music label executives would be forced to draft their talent instead of sweet-talking them into shitty contracts.

Jadore Magazine
Tyrone Davis: Ocean’s 7th

The member list for Jermaine Dupri’s new super crew Ocean’s 7 reads off like the credits list for Usher’s next album—which may not be far from the actual truth.

News One
New Miss Black USA Says She's No '"Pageant Girl"

Even after they announced her name and proclaimed Miss Pennsylvania as the new Miss Black USA, Shayna Rudd didn’t realize that she had just won. It wasn’t until her pageant roommate Miss Black Alabama squeezed her hand really, really tight that it finally sunk in that she was the 2009 title holder.


Frequency News Magazine
Tech Report: Gizmos, Gadgets & Digital Destinations

In each issue of Frequency News, Pharoh Martin will show and tell us what is new and hot, whether highlighting the latest gadget or telling us a can’t miss digital destination, Pharoh will keep our readers in the tech loop.

Madame Noire

Ward 5 is still hurting. The Northeast ward ranks below most of Washington, D.C.’s other seven wards in almost every significant quality of life statistical category like HIV/ AIDS and unemployment rates as well as youth violence.

News One
NewsOne’s Guide To DC For MLK Memorial Dedication

Rain or shine, thousands will be converging on Washington, D.C., our nation’s capital, for festivities and marches marking the dedication of the first memorial on our National Mall to an African-American: Martin Luther King, Jr.

HU News Service
A Taste of Jamaica…

The intersection of Georgia Avenue and New Hampshire Avenue at mid-day is alive with activity and congestive noise. Construction, traffic and a blur of pedestrians are the constant sight while the sun is up. Orange barricades on New Hampshire section off newly laid medians. On one side of the orange divide is the bustling Georgia Avenue/Petworth Metro Station, and on the opposite end stands a two-story Jamaican restaurant that claims to be the “home of the famous jerk chicken.”

The Smugger

The gatekeepers of political opinion on cable are doing nothing to curb the increasingly incinerate and oft times blatantly false rhetoric coming from their political hosts and commentators against political figures of color such as President Obama and Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor.


Praise 104.1
6th Annual Spirit of Praise [VIDEO + PHOTOS]

People who attended the 6th Annual Spirit of Praise at Evangel Cathedral on October 5th were in for quite a show with Donnie McClurkin, Issac Carree, Anita Wilson, Uncle Reese, Kurt Carr and The Kurt Carr Singers, Paster Hart Ramsey, Alvin Darling & Celebration and Larry Callahan & Selected of God Choir!

Majic 102.3
We Miss Michael Jackson: Flash Mob Edition [Video]

To celebrate the legacy of Michael Jackson, hundreds of supporters and bystanders alike joined Majic 102.3 were surprised to witness a dance flash mob in front of Howard Theatre on June 25th where dancers performed Michael Jackson's "Beat It" on the street.
B.o.B. Talks About How Fame Has Changed Him [EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

B.o.B. is back with his follow up Strange Clouds and he talks to about his musical growth as an artist and why his new album is even better than his debut. Bobby Ray even talks about if fame has changed him or not.
Actor Bill Duke Talks Dark Girls And Colorism

Bill Duke, the co-director of Dark Girls, dropped by to discuss the documentary. He spoke to our sister site about the struggles and colorism that women of color deal with not worldwide.

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