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Petra Ondrisakova

Journalist and video editor

Location icon Spain

I am a freelance journalist currently set in Barcelona, Spain, specializing in video production, radio journalism and video and audio editing.

My portfolio consists of several different features. Firstly, there are written articles that include all include all news, features and interviews. The video and audio are from various different sources - some are examples of my freelance work, however, there are several radio shows and jingles I have created during my stay as a radio host in Barcelona City FM 107.3 - a local radio in the capital of Catalunya

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The City of Ghosts

This autumn might bring complications to many bar and club owners in Bratislava city centre. Starting October 10th they are supposed to shorten their opening hours to 10PM, to prevent noise.

Written articles

The Spoke
Prisons are not for introverts

By Petra Ondrisakova "You can read one magazine per day. But all they've got are magazines with pretty girls and all other things you can't have in prison", said Lujza Zhang when thinking back about her jail time in Japan. "If you have a pen, then you can write.

The Spoke
Groningen students enjoy free art and history

By Petra Ondrisakova Young people on a tight budget can afford to see great art, now that Groningen's most famous museum has decided to stop charging them admission. The museum launched the project with a kick-off party on September 1st, accompanied with music, drinks and museum tours for everybody.

The Spoke
The Flying Spaghetti Monster Lands on the Netherlands

Can the Government Define a Religion as Fake? By Spela Krajnc, Tommaso Lecca, Petra Ondrisakova, Anna Severinenko The Dutch secularism has been challenged since the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster engaged a legal battle to be recognized as a religion. What might seem to be a complete nonsense for outsiders is actually a...



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