Peter Szymczak

Content Creator/Manager

Location icon United States

Seasoned, versatile writer and expert editor experienced in agriculture, arts, food and beverage, health care, higher education, science, technology and travel.

Whitman Magazine
Creative Synthesis

Endowment provides quantum learning opportunities for summer students.

Whitman Magazine
Conquering Cancer

Student battles back from rare bone cancer with determination to study medicine.

Whitman Magazine
The Innovators

Alumni-chemists create innovative materials that help the world's best athletes achieve new levels of performance.

Whitman College
The Confluence Project

Faculty and students work together to preserve architectural documents detailing an iconic set of historical monuments.
Spot On

Who you calling "shrimp"? Spot prawns are a big draw in British Columbia, the signature local sustainable seafood catch.

Protecting Pollinators (PDF)

Bees, birds, butterflies and other pollinators are integral to maintaining a healthy horticulture industry.

Fresh Cup
Feed Me! (PDF)

Culinary experts show café owners how to increase coffee and tea sales by adding simple food items to the menu.

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