marc perry

Journalist, Writer, Photographer

Afghanistan, the Balkans and Eastern Med.


Investigative Journalism

Boscombe on the bottom rung
Series: Investigating houses of multiple occupation.
Perryeyes: Why turn a debt drama into tragedy ?
Analysis of media perceptions of the Greek economic crisis.
Crowded House
Front page special report exploring conditions in houses of multiple occupation

News, features and reviews (UK, Newcastle & Bournemouth)

Peace voyage sets sail
A gunrunning ship sets off on a peace mission.
Chick pickin' bluegrass
Live music review of a comic bluegrass songstress
Hadrian's Lightshow
Multimedia coverage of a light installation on Hadrian's wall
Evening Chronicle Bylines (photos)
Photos of stories in newsprint
Weeding out cannabis factories
An news feature on cannabis factories in Bournemouth through the lens of a court case.
Low rent resurgence in Buisness
Multi media story about new businesses in a Bohemian area of Bournemouth
The Glorious art of Peace
Review: Human History has been built upon peace argues John Gittings in a new book,
Boscombe is a place of contrasts
Photography and creative non fiction combined
Stretching into the new year
Three styles of Yoga in three days
Temporary workers rights welcomed by recruitment agencies
Agencies welcome changes to employment regulations but the CBI don't
Public buttock spanking, street fighting, homelessness and vomit.
Creative / feature. A night out in Bournemouth
Suicide story stirs debate
News feature on suicide as a subject in the media and school
Drunk driver has another 'lucky day' in court
In life's ring
Audio Photo essay on how boxing is used to develop charcter in young people.
Activists protest arts centre plans
Behind the occupy mask
Photo essay

Affordable Housing Newcastle
An mini-docu into affordable housing in Newcastle. Possible solutions set against historical development.
Two Countries, one message: Faklands report.
A collaborative film with English and Argentine Media students discussing the Falklands.
Connecting Light

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