marc perry

Journalist, Writer, Photographer




On the road in Panjshir, Afghanistan | Travel Feature

While working for an NGO in Kabul, British expat Marc Perry went to explore the precipitous Panjishir valley in northeastern Afghanistan. It had been my dream to visit Panjshir...


Mount Athos | Rough Guides

In search of the spiritual side of Greece - and perhaps himself - Marc Perry discovers the trials and tranquility of the lives of Mount Athos's monks. The ferry to Mount Athos...


Travel Tips Greece | Rough Guides

The good news for travellers to Greece is this: ignore the crisis headlines. Away from the grim scenes in central Athens, life goes on as normal; there's little sign of...

Investigative Journalism

MA Piece

Boscombe on the bottom rung

Series: Investigating houses of multiple occupation.

MAIJ Perryeyes

Perryeyes: Why turn a debt drama into tragedy ?

Analysis of media perceptions of the Greek economic crisis.

The Bournemouth Rock

Crowded House

Front page special report exploring conditions in houses of multiple occupation

News, features and reviews (UK, Newcastle & Bournemouth)

Positive News

Peace voyage sets sail

A gunrunning ship sets off on a peace mission.

Positive News

The Glorious art of Peace

Review: Human History has been built upon peace argues John Gittings in a new book,

Evening Chronicle

Evening Chronicle Bylines (photos)

Photos of stories in newsprint

Into The Valley

Hadrian's Lightshow

Multimedia coverage of a light installation on Hadrian's wall

Into The Valley (online)

Opperman calls for more protection for Tyne Valley farmers

Local MP / Farming story.

The Mouth

Public buttock spanking, street fighting, homelessness and vomit.

Creative / feature. A night out in Bournemouth

The Breaker

Man of controversy

A profile of Ian Paisley

The Breaker

Chick pickin' bluegrass

Live music review of a comic bluegrass songstress

The Breaker

Weeding out cannabis factories

An news feature on cannabis factories in Bournemouth through the lens of a court case.

The Breaker

Low rent resurgence in Buisness

Multi media story about new businesses in a Bohemian area of Bournemouth


Short documentary film. MA Piece.

Affordable Housing Newcastle