Penny Webb

Freelance writer, magazine and book editor

I am a freelance writer specialising in profile pieces, travel, lifestyle and parenting articles. I have been published in Australian Yoga Journal, Out and About With Kids, Lift Magazine and more. I curated and wrote the Make My Life More page for Child Magazines for three years.

I edit magazines for both publishing and business clients and work in the area of content creation for small businesses.



Lift Magazine

Profile Piece: Meshel Laurie

Meshel Laurie talks Buddhism, break-ups and being unbelievably busy.

Australian Yoga Journal

Raising vibrations in Iceland

Seven days on a yoga retreat in Iceland.

Out and About With Kids

Relaxing Rarotonga

A rundown on what it's like to head to paradise with a big family!

Lift Magazine

The Career Crossroads: Tangents, Training and Flexibility

What happens when career women have children? They hit the Career Crossroads.

Child Magazines

Make My Life More...

I curated the Make My Life More column in Child Magazines (Sydney's Child, Melbourne's Child etc) for three years 2014 - 2016

Hills Independent Magazine

Living the life they love

A profile piece on the girls from Three Birds Renovations, a business and online success story.

Lift Magazine

Raising boys with absent fathers

Interview with Michael Grose, author of Raising Boys.