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Flora Ojow

Web Content Provider

Location icon Kenya

I am a dynamic freelance content provider who just loves writing. I provide insightful, well-researched content to various websites such as blog posts, articles, how-to-guides, landing pages, and product descriptions. I want my published articles to inform, educate and entertain. Get in touch at: [email protected]


Content Development

Sked Social
Using The Right Instagram Hashtags for Small Businesses - Sked Social

Your business is still in its infant stage and you face a great dilemma; how to market it with the limited resources you have. No need to fret; the good news is that a simple internet tool can yield good results. It is the proper use of Instagram hashtags.

The Drive
Best Car Covers: Protect Your Car From Sun and Dust

Every driver realizes the importance of protecting their car from the damaging effects of scratches, UV rays, and dust. Considering the cost of your car, it makes sense to want to protect it, whether you park indoors or out. A cover ensures your car's paintwork will remain protected until you need it.

The Drive
The Best Car Escape Tools: Make a Quick Exit During an Emergency

Getty Images TheDrive and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links. Most drivers may have a well-stocked vehicle to handle emergency situations but can forget that the car itself can become something they need to escape.

10 Paying Creative Non-fiction Markets For Writers: How To Break Into Creative Non-Fiction...

Writing from personal perspectives can be a powerful way to connect to an audience that is familiar with your story. Since writing creative nonfiction is a combination of journalistic skills and storytelling abilities, there are vast opportunities to publish your work. This involves personal memoirs, cultural criticism, documentaries, poems and literary journals.

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