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I serve as Assistant Editor for Today Media Inc.’s flagship publication, Westchester Magazine, as well as its award-winning business magazine, 914INC. I also help run Westchester Magazine’s popular Wellness Blog and 914INC.’s business blog, 914Incoming.

The Unbreakable Tracy Morgan

photo by Paul Mobley Few things have come easy to Tracy Morgan. Growing up with a terminally ill father, the actor and comedian worked hard to develop a career that was nearly cut short by a catastrophic car accident.

Thomas Haden Church on Filming 'Divorce' in Westchester

Above: Thomas Haden Church and Sarah Jessica Parker take a stroll in the new season of "Divorce." Photos courtesy of HBO Perhaps ironically, Oscar-nominated actor Thomas Haden Church fell in love with Westchester while filming a show about divorce. "Thank God Divorce is set largely in Westchester," says Church.

Three Questions For Food Network's Alton Brown

Food Network star and authority on all things edible, Alton Brown is making his way to the region for an upcoming performance. Titled Alton Brown Live: Eat Your Science, the show will bring food demonstrations, musical numbers, and other antics to Stamford's Palace Theatre on October 29.

Frampton Comes Home

When Peter Frampton recalls his many years spent living in Westchester, the first thing that comes to mind is the weather. "Westchester was the first place I lived [in America], and it had seasons, like England - where I came from - just a little more severe, of course," he says with a laugh.

A Bolt of Inspiration

When Michael Bolton takes the stage, he has more in common with his audience than many might assume. "The same way the fans love those songs, I love performing them," says the singer of his extensive repertoire. "I believe the hits are evergreen; they speak to you differently across different stages of your life."

5 Essential Super Food Spices

Spice of life, or spice IS life? Photo: Fotolia/monticellllo While spices can help add that final flavor accent to your favorite dish, they can also aid in overall health, recovery, and even weight loss. "Most of us equate antioxidants to only be found in fruits and vegetables," says Yorktown Heights-based certified nutritionist and personal trainer Sloane Davis of Pancakes and Push-ups.

4 Questions for SNL Alum Colin Quinn

​To call Colin Quinn busy would be an understatement. The SNL alum recently starred in Amy Schumer's acclaimed film Trainwreck, Netflix's Sandy Wexler, and the long-running HBO hit Girls. Not to mention the comedian just wrapped up a sold-out run of his one-man Broadway show, Colin Quinn: The New York Story, directed by Jerry Seinfeld.

Adam Carolla Has A Keen Eye For Comedy

Although Adam Carolla's parents rarely cracked jokes, the celebrated comedian isn't making the same mistake with his own children. "I never experienced my parents being silly, and I think the best thing you can do for a kid is to say to him or her once a week, 'Isn't this awesome?

The Skinny on Alternative Milks

Choosing the right milk can be udderly harrowing. Photo: Fotolia/matka_Wariatka Milk used to be so simple. All you had to do was select either a fat content or skim, and voila, done. Today, a dizzying array of alternative options awaits shoppers, ranging from soy and flax to almond and hemp.

'Divorce' Is Wedded to Westchester

Sarah Jessica Parker on set in Hastings-on-Hudson during the filming of Divorce. Photo: Craig Blankenhorn/HBO When Sarah Jessica Parker departed from the small screen nearly a decade ago, it seemed as if New York had lost one of its most colorful characters.

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