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Patrick Martin

Multimedia Journalist | NBC Nightly News

I'm an associate producer with the NBC news medical unit, and a veteran from the 82nd Airborne—awarded the Purple Heart in Afghanistan. My passion is telling a good story but I also enjoy a good beer or well-crafted cocktail. These are some of my favorite stories I've done over the years.

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Back to school? What doctors say about children and the coronavirus

President Donald Trump is pressing state and local officials to reopen schools this fall, despite coronavirus infections surging nationwide. While experts say there are significant social benefits to resuming in-person classes, they caution that schools will need to balance those against potential risks to provide a safe learning environment for students - as well as teachers and administrators.

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Veterans speak out about fight to claim VA benefits after military sexual assault

For veterans who were victims of sexual assault, the process of claiming benefits for post-traumatic stress disorder through the Veterans Administration can be extremely difficult. Kate Snow hears from service members who say it took years, and sometimes decades, to get their benefits - if they received them at all.

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New Colorado gun law divides sheriffs over enforcement

A law signed last month would give judges the power to decide if officers can temporarily take away firearms if the owner is deemed a danger to themselves or others. Colorado's sheriffs are divided over the measure, with some vowing not to enforce it.
How Elon Musk and Cheap Oil Doomed Push for Natural Gas Cars

Cars burning natural gas can't compete with Tesla sales boom Pickens company zeroes in on municipal buses, fleet trucks The idea was nothing short of revolutionary: convert the nation's millions of trucks, buses and other commercial vehicles to run on natural gas instead of gasoline and diesel.
Scientists Are Racing to Find New Uses for the Coal Utilities No Longer Want

One of many uses scientists study as U.S. utilities burn less New markets won't restore lost mine jobs, but may halt slide The 30-foot hull of an experimental mini-sub is helping to show how the U.S. may be able to redeploy the mountain of coal that power plants are no longer burning.

Needle Exchange Program Still Up in Air

Needles are necessary to save lives, but they're also silently destroying them in Florida by transmitting HIV and other diseases. And that's why Damien Salvaggio, a master's student at Florida Atlantic University, has been lobbying the state for a new syringe exchange program - along with a coalition of healthcare providers and lawmakers who plan to combat the epidemic of HIV and intravenous diseases.

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