Paige McPhee

Freelance Writer

Location icon Canada

Paige McPhee began her career writing children’s book and play reviews for The National Post in 2007.
Since then, she has created content for the likes of PromCanada Magazine, Narcity Media, The Mizrahi Collection and Clear Life Magazine among others.

Paige is currently finishing her honours Bachelor of Arts degree at The University of Toronto in Communication, Culture, Information, Technology and Professional Writing.
Her first book, I’m in Like with You, will be released in June 2017 with Life Rattle Press.

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Ghosting: What It Is, Why It Sucks, And What To Do About It

Ghosting: What It Is, Why It Sucks, And What To Do About It · June 8, 2016 For More Stories Like These Ah, ghosting. I imagine it was once a simpler time. Not responding to a phone call, or letter. Having your brother tell them you've moved, or possibly gotten married.

The Medium
Writing Contest 2014 Winner - Poetry | The Medium

Untitled We bonded over bones. The other's ivory insides, Hidden by shells of red, white, and blue. We kept tokens of each other's skeletons, To act like broaches on our breasts, And keys to our hearts, So that when worn proudly, Or manoeuvred properly, We would be hollow in ways That only marrow can be.

The 46 Untold Struggles Of Your Starbucks Barista

The 46 Untold Struggles Of Your Starbucks Barista · August 16, 2016 If you've ever strapped on a green apron, or one of similar stature, you know very well that working in a coffee shop can be a great part time job. Can. Be.

37 Clear Signs You Grew Up In Etobicoke

37 Clear Signs You Grew Up In Etobicoke · May 25, 2016 If you were born on the west side of Toronto, you are no stranger to the little bubble known and loved to its residents as Etobicoke.

Cedar Spring Motel: "Trying to look cool and also alive."

Sep 5, 2016 15:59 It's a Tuesday night at the Bovine Sex Club in Toronto. I sit at the bar, under a canopy of intertwined Christmas lights, bike parts, and peeling band stickers. One sticks out in particular - a new addiction, stark white corners still stuck to the steel.

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