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I used to be Confused.com's BRIAN The Robot on social media. Peaked too soon?

The ultimate Japan travellers’ guide

A land of unending fascination, Japan is one of the best countries to visit on Earth. With such a wealth of diversity, you’ll want to go back again and again. And again.

Carless Cities: An in-depth report

Is the car falling out of favour in the cities of the 21st century? Is it right that we look for, and invest in, alternative modes of transport? Would you be able to get by without your car?

Preparing your home for a toddler

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House viewings: What to look for

Are you looking to buy a house or flat? Whether you're a first-time buyer, or well-versed in this game, it's useful to have a checklist of what to look for when viewing a property.

The best non-EU travel destinations in 2019

Want to holiday overseas in 2019, but are concerned about Brexit repercussions? Admiral Travel Insurance takes a look at some hassle-free destinations outside the EU.

Best staycation destinations in the UK

Domestic travel and holidays are becoming increasingly popular. So where’s hot on your UK doorstep in 2019? Admiral Travel Insurance looks at some great UK holiday destinations.

How to jump start and bump start a car

Flat battery? No problem. With a pair of jump leads and a friend's car handy, you can bump start your car and be on the road again in no time. And here's how to do it.