Otis Anderson, Sr


United States

Hailing from Scotland, Otis is a research writer and journalist currently working for several gambling websites and companies. He writes mainly essays, covering aspects such as news, strategy, literature, and history. Otis read English at University, graduating in 2003 with a 2:1 MA in English Literature.
Although a brand new writer in the WriteMyPaper community, Otis looks forward to writing and sharing his interests in research, publishing, professional writing and communications, nutrition, literature, and so much more!
In addition to his literary skills, Otis is also a classically-trained tenor singer, and you can hear samples of him singing on youtube. He has a great love of history, particularly Ancient, Medieval, and Renaissance. Some of his favorite writers include Philippa Gregory, Dan Brown, Gregory Maguire, Anne Rice, and William Thackeray.

Correct Usage of Which and That in Sentences - By OtisAnderson - My Desktop Nexus

Improve English Skills by Using "Which" and "That" Correctly Some people are unsure when to use "which" compared to "that;" however, they can make the correct choice if they understand restrictive and nonrestrictive clauses.Oftentimes, writers from custom paper writing service, as well as speakers, incorrectly choose "which" when the correct choice is "that," or vice versa; but they can avoid making this common mistake by learning the role adjectives play within sentences and the difference...

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Rules for Hyphen Usage

Improve Writing Skills by Learning to Use Hyphens Correctly There are rules that govern the use of the hyphen, and by learning these rules, students who pay for homework help can avoid errors that detract from the overall quality of their writing. Many wr...

Understanding Sentences, Clauses, and Phrases - Otis Anderson
Understanding Sentences, Clauses, and Phrases - Otis Anderson

While some sentences are simple, others are more complex since they consist of not only central word-groups but also subordinate word groups. Write My Paper service says, the central word group within any sentence is the main independent clause, which is like the foundation of a building and supports the framework of the entire structure.