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Olivia Lopez

Story teller. World traveler. Volunteer | LLAP

Catching the Drifft

Continental Drifft, in many ways, is a product of completely pure creative instincts. They follow what they feel. They’ve turned many late night conversations into songs. They are an ever changing thing that isn’t really interested in that stability anyways. They aren’t afraid to follow their influences or put personal experiences into their work.

What's the benefit, Leah Stacy?

In Mutual Benefit's first podcast, we sat down with journalist Leah Stacy to talk about the effects of creative control. As someone who has made a living off freelancing and completed many side projects, we asked Leah how she manages prioritizing her creativity, without sacrificing the security of a steady income.

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle
Attracting Rochester's millennials

Rochester's millennials know what they want during an evening out. "I am partial to the quieter wine bars where you can go with one or two people and just have a quieter conversation," said local young professional Amanda Sharpe.

Clueless Travelers
The Old Peak

For the of you who have ever climbed a mountain, you will easily understand this post. For those who haven't, my challenge is to try. Try to understand a mountain, rather than looking at it. Try to really feel that mountain. But most importantly, try to listen to that mountain.

Cutting into creativity

In a culture full of choices, individuality and creativity have never been more of a priority. People are always looking for new ways to express themselves. Of course, different haircuts and styles have always been a way for people to show off their preferences and tastes. A certain haircut or style reflects a great deal about the head it is on. But what does it say about the person who styled it?

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