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How to get the best publicity for interviews - Business Business Business

Every business owner can benefit from positive publicity. A story on TV, radio or in a newspaper can be seen as a powerful "third party endorsement" and help attract new clients and customers. But many businesses shy away from chasing publicity for a number of reasons.

Soar Collective
What you need to know when a journalist comes calling | Soar Collective

When a journalist comes calling, there's usually a rush of emotions from excitement through to fear. While it can be terrifying being contacted by news outlets, it's important to take up the great opportunity presented, so you can own your message, get you and your company out there and protect your public image.

What to include in a press kit template

A press kit is an effective tool that should be considered when launching your brand or raising its awareness, for both large high-profile businesses and small start-ups. While it may seem overwhelming and many people question 'how do I make a press kit?', it's simply an information packet containing everything all readers (such as journalists, editors, advertisers etc.)