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Nina E. Wolpow

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The Brooklyn Rail
Julia Rommel: Candy Jail

Light purple, the sort of purple that is a touch too confectionary to be called lavender or lilac or violet, the chalk-ish pastel kind that is more often found in the manes of unicorns and the most delicate sunrises, is a color I don't often encounter as the centerpiece of serious art.

The Brooklyn Rail
BRIC Biennial: Volume III, “The Impossible Possible”

I like a lot of what I saw at the third BRIC Biennial, but I collect articles abandoned on Brooklyn curbs. Human teeth, intact ponytails, the remnants of birthday balloons, a torn copy of Sarah Waters's Tipping the Velvet-these are a few of the objects on view.

The Brooklyn Rail
Jaimie Warren: One Moment in Time

AMERICAN MEDIUM | NOVEMBER 1 - DECEMBER 15, 2018 When I enter American Medium, the small artist-run gallery on a Chelsea block studded with blue-chip behemoths, Travis Fitzgerald, one of the three owners, is sitting behind the reception desk, alone.

The Brooklyn Rail
Rachelle Dang: Southern Oceans

A fragmented mural in which pale nymph-like figures gallivant under exotic-seeming trees; life-size copper shipping containers made to look oxidized by the elements; ceramic casts of breadfruit in various stages of ripeness and rot-these are the components of Southern Oceans (2018), a multifaceted and layered installation in Bedford Stuyvesant.

The Brooklyn Rail
This Is Not A Prop

This summer, West (whose estate Zwirner acquired this year) is the inspiration for This Is Not A Prop curated by two 26-year-olds who work at Zwirner: Alec Smyth and Cristina Vere Nicoll.

Your Dollar Slice May Be Costing Someone Else A Lot More

Like getting a cheap manicure, eating dollar pizza is a cherished activity in the New York day-to-day. But the New York Daily News reports that, like manicurists, workers at your favorite $1-slice spot are probably severely underpaid. Employees at the ever-popular 2 Bros.

Plastic Surgeons Are Mostly Men, But Their Patients Are Mostly Women

In 2016, 1.7 million elective cosmetic surgeries were performed in the United States. Of these 1.7 million, over 200,000 were rhinoplasties, or nose jobs. Women underwent 75 percent of these nasal surgeries, the vast majority of which were performed by men. Men make up 85 percent of board-certified plastic surgeons.

A Big Step Toward Ending "Cure Gay People" Therapy

"I went to a weekend retreat and we were told certain things were supposed to happen - God would speak to us and give us a new identity," says Josh Sanders."That just never happened for me. I went through an exorcism and was promised change."

New York's Most Powerful Woman Has Got Your Back

One of the most powerful people in the largest city in the U.S. is a woman you've probably never heard of. Her name is Melissa Mark-Viverito, she's the speaker of the New York City Council and the first Latina to represent her district.

Texas Had A Mass Grave, And No One Said Anything

Maria Albertina Iraheta Guardado was desperate. Her home country of Honduras, the second-poorest nation in Central America, had recently experienced a military coup and become a violent hell. Honduras has one of the highest murder rates per capita in the world, and political and drug-related violence had torn apart Maria's community.

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