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Feminist Writer, Activist, and Academic Scholar

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A writer, scholar, and activist, I use words to penetrate the world around me with insightful and sometimes cheeky perspectives. I see stories in my head in a cinematic fashion and turn my passions into creative content.

While a pen and paper are dear old friends I keep by my side, I've made social media my home turf. I recently started my own web-zine called The Lilin, which features a variety of different pieces from pieces from movie reviews, critiques of internet culture, to a psychoanalytic analysis of a 90s anime, all presented from an intersectional feminist perspective. I can compose intricate and engaging op-ed style articles that are sure to command attention. If you're looking for more narrative-style content, have a look at some of my published and self-published short stories while I try to perfect my future best-selling epic in my head.

And when I'm not banging my fingers into a keyboard or getting pen-ink smudges all over my palms, I'm a relentless activist with intersectional leadership skills used to fight the good fight for women's issues, LGBTQIA rights, anti-racism, and community building. I'm well-versed in a number of social justice issues and have directly worked to organize events (music festivals, mixers, comedy shows, guest speakers, campaigns) to spread awareness for causes such as reproductive rights, anti-police brutality, transgender acceptance, and combating street harassment. I strive for inclusiveness, diversity, and representation in building safe spaces and communities.

I've chosen to navigate young-adulthood with wide-eyes and fearless dreams. Let me know how I can contribute to your magazine/blog/grassroots organization/daily life by getting into contact with me!

Looking Out for Each Other in Donald Trump's America

So here's your merry reminder that your allyship is contingent upon your presence, your engagement, and your active civil resistance. Don't show up for the protest and go back to your dorm/home/gentrified neighborhood until the next crisis. Stay active by joining anti-racism, pro-choice, pro-immigrant, and anti-fascist organizations ( here's some to start).

The Patriot Ledger, Quincy, MA
NICOLE VENETO, Milton: State must guarantee insurance covers for contraceptives

While the Supreme Court's decision in late June on Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt rules that Texas' restrictions on abortion services are unconstitutional, there still exists an "undue burden" barring millions of women from reproductive freedom. And that undue burden is the failure to provide adequate contraceptive coverage.From the court's decision not to rule on Zubik v.

The Lilin (Originally presented at Simmons College's 2016 Undergraduate Symposium, "From Poetry to Pipettes"
Action Girls Are Doing It for Themselves: Weaponized Femininity in Female-Authored Works for...

Senior seminar research paper for ENG 390 at Simmons College. Presented at the 2016 Simmons College Undergraduate Symposium: From Poetry to Pipettes. ABSTRACT: Weaponized femininity is a trope wherein the terms of femininity are depicted as a source of empowerment. Action heroines who employ this trope use femininity to their advantage, possess powers that are characterized as feminine, or retain their hyperfemininity while engaging in physical combat or mental strength on par with men....

The Simmons Voice
Dear Naomi Wolf, Like, Please, Could You Not?

An op-ed in response to Naomi Wolf's criticism of young women's use of vocal fry, and an analysis of the continued policing of young women's voices.

The Lilin

The Lilin is a web-blog that gives an intersectional-feminist spin to anime/manga, pop culture, and internet media, all the while trying to navigate through the world of Generation-Y young-adulthood.

Sidelines Literary Magazine
Mad World

A short story about a mysterious girl on the run.

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