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James Spence

Freelance Writer

Location icon Afghanistan

My portfolio is about writing, because that's what I choose to do. I'm a little on the well experienced side, a youthful and exuberant fifty. The way I see it, I can draw from the many experiences I've had and the people I've known.
I unfortunately, didn't seek my talent as a writer to form a second career for a long time. While I sought, my wife (who I've adored for over thirty years) and I have raised two children, a son and a daughter, both of whom are now grown; and now we even have a gorgeous granddaughter.
I've also been employed with a brief stint of military service (which instilled self-discipline and the sense of fulfilling a mission).
I was chiefly self-employed as a flooring installer for almost 20 years though; my future knee replacements can attest to those days. I, once again unfortunately, thought that my father's (who also installed floors for many years) propensity not to have to wear knee pads was hereditary. Within just a couple of years though, I had thought better of my decision and donned them! The point being though, and I'm sorry about digressing, was that during these years a sense of being personally responsible for my own career was impressed on my psyche on a daily basis; though not a concern for my own physicality. I also gained the feeling each day that my workmanship would be my only job security, and the lasting impression that what the customer would remember about that company was my work. I saw that company's customers as my own customers and became accustomed to thinking of them and treating them as such.
I also am a morning person, and see the best part of each day as my being able to write by an open curtain; revealing the sunrise on the horizon while I tap the keys of my computer, usually writing something or another.
I workout 3 times a week, and that seems to stave off any illness, as I haven't been sick in a few years. The routine is meant not to merely build muscle; but to ensure a feeling of internal well-being and includes a cardiovascular workout as well.
If you should feel that this is something that would be beneficial to your business, please contact me. The phone numbers where you would be able to do so are: (573)208-1402 or (816) 809-7443
The email addresses that I can most easily be reached at are: [email protected] [email protected] or [email protected]