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How Celebrating Women's History Month is the Best Way to Resist Trump

As a history major in college, the one misconception that frustrated me the most about my area of study was its supposed boring-ness. The mere mention of history was enough to incite visions of memorizing dates, reciting the order of presidents, or lugging around dusty textbooks-and here I was, willingly subjecting myself to such torture!

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What's at Risk this Election? Oh, Just Planet Earth.

To all the global warming naysayers: book a ticket to Cusco, Peru. Once the capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco now claims a less desirable title: land of the highest levels of ultraviolet radiation on Earth. Resting 2.7 km above the sea level, the higher altitude of Cusco means there are fewer ozone molecules between the Earth and the sun.

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What's So Scary About Feminism?

This week in an interview for "Porter" magazine, Emma Watson revealed she was dissuaded from including the word "feminism" in her speech on promoting gender equality for the UN Women's HeForShe campaign, launched in Sept. 2014. While her speech went viral, apparently not everyone agreed with her words of choice - namely, the organizers of the campaign itself.

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Gender Equality and the Refugee Crisis

More than one million refugees and migrants have entered Europe, fleeing brutal violence at home and searching for safety. Sixty percent of these refugees are women, who face heighted risk for exploitation and gender-based violence.

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The Top Five Myths About Attending An All-Women's College

When attending an all-women's college, it's easy to forget that many view such an education as an anomaly. As a peer once asked me in high school, "A women's college? They still have those?" Yes, and we are doing quite well, thanks.

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The Future and Me: A Senior Considers Life After Graduation

Nora Turriago '16 Opinions Editor There is something distinctly unnerving about the question: "What are your plans after graduation?" Do not be fooled by the polite tone of voice or the curious smile - whoever is asking this question doesn't care that you simply have no idea what you will be doing for the rest of your life.

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Why America Should Thank Donald Trump

Where Donald Trump goes, dehumanizing remarks are sure to follow. Fueled by a nationalistic pride catered to white conservatives of the country, Trump's outrageous statements -- the majority of which fall into the two well-worn categories of racism and sexism -- have been often presented by mainstream media as entertaining sound bites, something to giggle and roll our eyes at.

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Gloria Steinem Visits Smith College

Smith College alumna and feminist icon Gloria Steinem returned to campus on March 28 as part of Kathleen McCartney's Presidential Colloquium series in John M. Green Hall. With the theme of the lecture series as "Thinking in a Public and Networked World," Steinem urged young women and people of color to continue fighting for equal rights, as well as clarifying her controversial comments about young women who support Bernie Sanders.

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A Challenge for Women: Love Yourself Even When Society Says Otherwise

In a world bursting with photoshopped images of Western ideals of beauty, constant objectification and harassment towards women's bodies, and gaping inequalities between women and men, it's understandable to feel angry and saddened that these aspects have been incorporated and normalized in our society.

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Supreme Court ruling favors Hobby Lobby, a step backwards for women's sexual rights

On Monday, June 30th, the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby, stating that for-profit employers do not have to provide contraception coverage, as obligated under the Affordable Care Act, if religious objections are held. With the final ruling of 5-4, the five conservative justices argued that businesses like the family-run Hobby Lobby ...Share it now!

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Hollywood's Diversity Problem: What #OscarsSoWhite Tells Us About the Film Industry

Nora Turriago '16 Opinions Editor When watching movies, it has become a sort of game of mine to find the actors of color. With Hollywood movies featuring primarily white actors, I nearly jump out of my seat with excitement when I finally spot the rare flash of dark skin - and, upon realizing the role is that of a drug dealer, maid or gardener, I slowly sit back down, dejected.

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How To Know You Are Racially Ambiguous

As someone who is of mixed race, I cannot even begin to describe the many encounters I've had-some hilarious, some disrespectful, all memorable-with family, friends, and strangers that have all centered around my skin color. Being Colombian-Italian means people almost always have no idea what ethnicity I am, and this creates the utmost and urgent need to categorize my racial and ethnic self.

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Forever Young: Why The Fashion Industry Is So Obsessed With Young Girls

Last month, 14-year old Israeli model Sofia Mechetner opened up for the Dior show. In what has been described as a "Cinderella story," Mechetner has traded her impoverished life in Tel Aviv for a $265,000 contract with Dior. The only troubling part of the story? Mechetner's young age.

The Real Cost of Obama's $1 Billion Pledge to Europe

U.S.A. Speaking in Warsaw, Poland this Tuesday, Barack Obama announced his commitment to Europe by pledging $1 billion to increase US military troops, in response to supporting security concerns of NATO allies. Obama will seek congressional backing for this "European Reassurance Initiative," which include the rotation of US air and ground forces, hosting a range ...