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For 25 years I have helped early stage companies translate their value proposition into compelling content for investors and stakeholders across all media.

Over the last decade, I have taken on a range of projects, but all have had one thing in common: developing a bridge between executives (their vision, business goals, and sales targets) and stakeholders (their needs, desires, preconceptions, and fears).

Sheriff replaces Reverse 911 system with smartphone alerts

Grab your smartphone, there's a new app in town. Worcester County Sheriff Lewis G. Evangelidis recently replaced the Reverse 911 notification system with what he said is a much speedier and more efficient public safety notification system called Ping4alerts.

How GEMR Is Bringing The World Of Collecting Online

Collecting is a hobby full of contradictions - it's solitary, but also about sharing with like-minded people; the learning curve never seems to end, but sharing makes it fun along the way; it's about the joy of the hunt, of ownership and also the sale. GEMR CEO Terry Anderton is a [...]

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Susan Leupold Knight swam the English Channel in record time

On July 14, Susan Leupold Knight swam the English Channel in 9:26, faster than any American since 2009. The native of Kennebunk, ME also recorded the fastest time by any American, male or female, over 45 years-old. What makes Knight's accomplishment most impressive is that she's not a sponsored Olympian, nor prodded onward by a coach.

Diary of a US Open Ballperson

In late August, tourists and locals alike pick up the pace to squeeze the last bit of summer out of Maine. One more beach day. One last trip to the island. The final Saturday morning doubles group. For Morgan Warner, August means the U.S.

The Kyrgios Case of Nick - norm archer - Medium

Yesterday was the first College Football Saturday, a near-religious experience for many. But for the American tennis fan, the first Saturday in September means primetime at the U.S. Open, and the possibility to witness something spectacular. Enter Nick Kyrgios, arguably the most naturally gifted player in a bumper crop of young guns, and possessing a game that is both brilliant and boorish.

One More Sleep - norm archer - Medium

Thursday, May 12th, my grandmother, Yvonne B. Archer, passed away at the age of 97. Though her mind was completely intact, she simply outlived her body. She led a full life with an adoring family and lifelong friendships that moved in unison from Chelmsford, MA to Kennebunkport, ME and finally to Englewood, FL.

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